You Can’t Fight Fascism With Fascism, Liberals
Thor Benson

You claim to be for “free speech” but then you propose to squelch the opinions of politicians who are there to express the policies they are planning to promulgate. I suppose you’d rather hear sound bites filtered through the presentation of a bunch of low bandwidth journalists?

You also expressed hatred for certain individuals you do not know. I don’t know Milo Yiannopoulos personally, and I don’t know Ann Coulter personally. I don’t hate them. I do know that I don’t like the way they express their ideas, though they make their point by identifying some embarrassing inconsistencies on the left. You may not like the way they bring the message to you, but you will be damned if you ignore them.

This is why I spend time reading opinions I disagree with. Often they cite important problems with views that I do agree with. That implies that you must understand them first before you can refute them. And that process of conversation is lost when people insist on squelching the speech of others for any reason. Yes, even the politicians you think you disagree with.

All that said, you are headed in a better direction than those who would make free speech areas, safe spaces, and use fascism to fight fascism. You are most of the way there. But you really have to let go of the idea of squelching anyone for any reason other than speech that leads to immediate violence. And if you’re the one being violent, just remember that immediately after the First Amendment is the Second. Let’s not go there.