Congratulations on completely misrepresenting the facts.
Ahsim Nreiziev

You know what? I think I’ll leave this discussion right here. You’re clearly operating from a different version of history than I am.

Enjoy the ACA while it lasts. It is imploding while we speak. Democrats had a supermajority in both the House and the Senate. The vote passed with not a single Republican vote because they weren’t even allowed to read it, let alone attend subcommittee meetings on it. So they voted against it. Wouldn’t you?

So this thing has the Democrat party’s name and reputation all over it. Many believed that we were better off doing nothing than voting for a pig in a poke. Even now, we’re not sure what should replace it because this problem is not nearly as trivial as the framers of ACA seemed to think it is.

I’m going to have a beer and some popcorn and watch it go down in flames. Then we’ll pick up the pieces and maybe this time we’ll get to see the deliberations and discussion out in the open. That’s the view from the other side of the isle. Your version may vary. Have a great evening.

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