Pepsi unites with United as Flag Bearers of Corporate Destruction
Ezinne Ukoha

  1. You must not be aware of Admiralty Law. It is very old law that predates most countries. Among other things, it is the right of the captain and the crew to order anyone to leave their vessel at any point before departure for any reason. The airliner is not a democracy. It never was, any more than a ship at sea is a democracy. You will follow the orders of the captain and crew or suffer the consequences. Argue about it when you’re at the (air)port. While United wasn’t technically wrong, the optics were terrible. Legal, but terrible.
  2. The Pepsi commercial was an attempt to place their product with a unifying theme. I’m sorry you couldn’t see that. It may not have been the best produced commercial ever, but they tried. If you don’t like the commercial, if you find it offensive, the best way to make it stop is not to buy those products and even better yet: articulate exactly what you don’t like about those ads.
  3. It all comes down to business decisions. If you don’t like the way these companies do business you don’t have to buy their services or products. I’m not a fan of United. I prefer other airlines. I am not a fan of Apple. I have owned other phones. I am not a fan of any sodas. I’ll buy store brands, if I drink them at all. I am not a fan of any mobile data service. I use as little of the mobile data services on my phone as I can.

Using every stupid corporate behavior to say that the whole system invalidates people is even dumber. Really, you should think better of yourself and the people you live with. You are not a victim. You are a potential customer.