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You’re not the first person to have suggested this. The issue is a matter of trust. Someone has to control that armory. Whose list to access the armory and whose agency are you going to trust to run that armory? What recourse do you have if they refuse access to everyone?

The Constitution was truly a radical document written by people who had a significant distrust in large government. They didn’t want to see large armories. The expected that people would keep weapons at home and use them to defend themselves, their property and come to the aid of their neighbors.

The problem is that many who haven’t grown up around real weaponry have an innate psychological fear of such implements. What they fail to realize is that although these arms are used by criminals to maim and kill, they are also used defensively. In many cases just displaying the firearms is enough to send those with ill intent scattering. We have very little evidence of the latter because there is nothing to report.

So you talk about all those lives lost, while an honest discussion would have to include the lives and property saved.

And at the end of the day, there is a reason why our government is as old as it is: It’s because our politicians know that if they get too far out of line, they’ll have to face an armed populace. Don’t believe me? Look up the Battle of Athens (Tennessee).

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