‘Through the Irreplaceable’

When I was younger I remember that my sister always begged me to go with her to the hair salon. She complained it was boring to be alone for so long. After two seconds of begging, I often said yes and went with her.

In the end, we never sat close to each other when someone was treating her. We arrived and the lady was usually waiting to cut her hair or shape her eyebrows. So why did she complain that she felt alone?

In those days I didn’t think about the reason. I just loved being with my older sister, to walk and talk along the way. And also watching the way the staff would touch and treat their clients, observing the ambience of the salon.

The years have passed, I’m living in Ireland, and my routine and everything else have changed completely. My family and my sister are not around. I don’t feel their arms holding me as before. The wind in this island when it touches my skin has not the same softness as in Brazil. And especially, the most drastic change, is the food.

I’ve learned that we can find all the flavours and recipes to fulfil our desires. Of course, it won’t be 100% accurate to the original taste of your country, but I’ve learned to tolerate and enjoy the 90% similarity. And sometimes that 10% of difference can make the taste be 110% more yummy. Voilà! With creativity, you embrace another way to look and taste.

Consequently, I am not close to my sister. However, I created a new “recipe” for my new situation and I beg my husband to take me to the salon when he gets his hair cut. And I could feel and experience the same situation as before. I could be his company (sitting far away) and I could observe the employees working.

How amazing is this moment! I was surprised to see how the staff treated their clients. In my opinion they are a little more careful, calmer and focus on details more than hairdressers in a women’s salon. In addition, barbers always make sure that they are spoiling their clients.

Moreover, I picked up the cooperation among the employees. They always asked their professional colleagues their opinion about the cut they had done. They were working as a team and making sure they gave the best they could offer their client, without competition or superiority. After that observation, I wish I had short hair and a beard to be treated with so much love in a barbershop.

Mamma mia! My experience being a companion to my sister in Brazil brought me into a barbershop in Ireland with my husband. Different perceptions and observations. We will be reaching for the same but always it will be different. As Coco Chanel said: “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” I like that nothing will be replaceable. And nothing will be! Because of that, I’m ready to try everything, add something more to collect more experiences and new points of view.

I’m wondering… Why did my sister complain that she felt lonely? I think she wasn’t alone, she wanted to feel complete with cosy company. The same as when I ask to accompany my husband.