How to make black people delete your app
dex digital

Before reading this article, I thought I had seen pretty much everything in life, really. I think the next big thing in the app scenario would be developing something that aid people in controlling their egos…

On a more serious note, are you absolutely sure that all black people care about the color of the emoji? Or at least most black people? Coz seriously, as a black person, I would have a lot of trouble digesting the presence of only a white icon, but yellow? I mean, white people would probably not feel comfortable using a black emoji, that’s why they prefer the yellow one. But from that information alone we cannot affirm that “yellow is white”. Well, unless I am missing on some really good research here, I don’t see yellow as white and couldn’t care less about the fact that yellow has become default. Jesus, representativeness matters, but I think it’s important to tell what’s really important from what’s merely a reflection of ego.

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