Love, life, oneness

Thinking of the heifer’s death

In the tree of semantics 
That sustains my existence
Life and love
Are both sad things

Yet, I never disengage
From the fight to keep
Both love and life

Yes they hurt me
But despite it all, 
I just won’t stop believing

There’s magic in living
And alchemy in loving
There’s also something
Ethereal, essential, pure
That surpasses all that

Used to think the beyond
Was not achievable
Now suffering ~enters cliché~
Taught me the valuable instruction

Close your eyes
Take a breath
Just enough to fill your body
Don’t waste your air

Then you’ll see the oneness
All that transcends
Your small, frail, failing figure

For a moment
In that little break between
Inspire and exhale
Ego melts
And life so pure
Filled with love