“Trying to reduce the Leave vote to any of these categories (wealthy boomers, the left behind…
Filipe Alves

Helen and Filipe, you are both quite right. There is a little piece to complete the puzzle, and that is the intentionality of the misinformation campaign.

It all began in the winter of 1973, when something snapped in the Labour party. Probably the realisation that being a member of the EEC would make the People’s Revolution a far more distant prospect. Several reasons for that, but two stand out:
 — Accountability and Oversight, the lack of which our domestic proto-tyrants like to call ‘Sovereignty’. It is harder to drive the masses when you have to follow international standards for the rule of law.
 — Happy, or even fairly content people, do not rise up. Expect no help at the barricades if your would-be benificiaries see the activist Comrades as a bloody nuisance.

Then came Maggie. Let’s not idolise her; if not her, someone else would have done it and it was part of the show to have an Iron Lady in command.
The unions and their puppet Labour party were destroying the country, and for much the same reasons the plutocrats and their Tory puppets are doing it now: you cannot have a dictatorship over prosperous and well educated people. They had already turned against each other, Labour and the Unions, in the Winter of Discontent, and things were going downhill from there.

Maggie gave the Trots an ideal Mega-Enemy of the people. Anything she did, the now reunited Labourites were against. Every hint of a social problem was her fault. Sadly, for them, it all worked so well. They recognised it and came up with ‘New Labour’ — indistinguishable from Major’s Tory government.

The Trot machine turned on New Labour, of course. Could there be anything more anti-revolutionary than the enduring comfortable masses?

Tony was allied with the plutocrat press, though, and the Spin Wars started.

The rest is recent history. Until, that is, the Kippers hijacked all that artificial disgruntlement in a bid for power. Their motives are the same, centred around the question of “how can we be immune from the accountability and inclusive justice provided by the EU?”.

Brexit, of course!

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