Protests Feed What They Oppose
Joe Brewer

There are “clear and present dangers” that cannot be ignored. People in the US may be stuck with a disastrous president, whom they are distracted into opposing while the usual suspects run everything. Their protests are having only a mild effect on the symptoms but, as you say, their effect on the better future they desire is being reduced.

Meanwhile, across the Pond, the UK is threatened with a disastrous withdrawal from the European Union, led by a bunch of real bandits who have taken over both the legislative and the executive. The bandits and their zombies insist that we, those still awake and aware, have to shut up and carry on. Just as you say we should.

No. We know the cause, we know what the effects will be, we don’t want either. Whatever we would be better doing for our futures needs to be stopped, has been stopped, so that we may still have some hope of a future.

As well as not delivering everything into the hands of the bandits.

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