President Trump surges on Twitter as he dips in the polls.

What’s happening? Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s recent surge in national polls has been matched by an increase in activity and interactions amongst President Trump’s supporters, our analysis of Twitter data reveals.


2020 presidential general election polls. The Y-axis shows the percentage of the population with the intention to vote for a particular candidate. Source: FiveThirtyEight


St Mary al-Tahira, the main church in Qaraqosh, Iraq, shattered by the Islamic State. Nov 27, 2016 I Click on the image to see the 360 photo tour (Image credit Flavius Mihaies)

“Isis and other Islamic terrorists continuously slaughter Christians in their communities and places of worship”

The President-elect’s statement following the attack on a Christmas market in Berlin on December 19, 2016 reflects what I saw in Iraq and Syria over the past five years.

From Sednaya, Syria to Qaraqosh, Iraq I visited communities devastated by the ISIS, the Islamic State, and other jihadist groups. The same must be said of other minorities, such as Yazidis and Kurds, whose survivors from ISIS’s violence I met.

Former President Obama is right. The majority of ISIS’s victims are fellow Sunni Muslims. …

Work session on designing the aquaponic prototype with Dr. Izursa at the Department of Environmental Science and Technology at the University of Maryland. Courtesy of Flavius Mihaies

This analysis was originally published in the Atlantic Council.

Advanced technological solutions are not limited to technologically advanced societies. Numerous examples in Syria show the use of innovative solutions for real world problems using open source technology: 3D printed prosthetics for amputees, renewable energy in cities under siege, and now aquaponics in damaged farmlands. The use of smart agriculture can help provide for people’s essential nutrition needs, especially in conflict zones, where food insecurity is prevalent and underserved farming opportunities are common.

In 2016, Sameh was looking for ways to help Syrians return to their farms. With an agricultural engineering…

A civil defence rescue worker carries an injured child after an air strike in the besieged Eastern Ghouta region, 19 February 2018 Getty Images


Findings from our analysis of the ongoing tweet and retweet activity using the hashtag #saveGhouta help us understand programmatic behavior on Twitter in connection with the current war in Syria and the complexities of the information landscape.

This hashtag has been used in activist campaigns to bring the world’s attention to Eastern Ghouta, an area on the outskirt of Syria’s capital Damascus where armed rebel groups have been locked in a fight with the Syrian government forces besieging them. Both civilians and opposition fighters are entangled in this dense urban tissue, and civilian casualties from government airstrikes have been rapidly…

The Oxford University Society of Washington, DC celebrated the Annual Holiday Dinner 2017 last night. It was a singular honor to introduce the evening’s honorary speaker, Dr. Jonathan Ward, a historian, geopolitical expert and China-India relations specialist. These were my remarks.

Mr. President, Madame Secretary, fellow board members and esteemed Oxonian guests:

Annual Dinner and noblesse oblige, let us recognize the Cambridge Women team, who ended Oxford’s four-year winning streak at this year’s Boat Race.

The Dark Blues responded by securing their 80th victory in the men’s race.

On that Oxford-leading-Cambridge note, I am delighted to welcome you all tonight…

Tonight, the Barnard College’s Professor of Literature presented his new book, a memoir with his father at the center; recipient of the 2017 Pulitzer Prize.

This article first appeared on the World Bank site. Also available in: Français | العربية

In December 2014 and January 2015, I took a leave of absence from the World Bank to volunteer in a UNHCR refugee camp in Iraq.

The Kawergosk refugee camp is home to about 10,000 Syrian refugees.​

Just a few months before, in October, I attended a TEDx talk (a shorter TED talk, under 18 minutes) on “Ending War for Ending Poverty,” here at the World Bank, where Reza Deghati, a well-known French-Iranian photographer, known as Reza, described his humanitarian work teaching photography to children affected by war. He had recently set up a photography school under…

Suzy Hansen, an American journalist living in Turkey, discussed her new book, Notes on a Foreign Country.

A couple of Thursday nights ago I attended a talk by Suzy Hansen.

The American journalist, who has been living in Turkey for the most part of the last 10 years, is on tour to promote Notes on a Foreign Country, her first book.

Hansen’s book is the story of her coming-of-age grappling with a realization of “America’s insidious self denial nationalism and [its] impact” abroad, while living in Turkey on a two-year fellowship.

“Americans carry around a superiority about their own country [and] can’t see a place on its own terms,” Hansen states.

Yet, in fact, Europeans as myself…

The 70th Annual Oxford and Cambridge Dinner in Washington was held at the National Press Club last Friday, May 5th. Presiding the Dinner was moving, inspiring and a singular honor. These were my remarks.

Mr. Ambassador, Ladies and Gentlemen:

Instructions on this year’s Boat Race dinner I received stipulate that (and I quote) “If Cambridge loses, it is appropriate to be wry, arch and dismissive of the results. If Cambridge wins, you may exult.”

It’s a trap.

Not that you would be too hard-pressed to find “wry, arch and dismissive of the results”, here in Washington.

Naturally, as your MC…

MANAGUA AIRPORT, NICARAGUA — A group of Russian speaking men strolled by accompanied by a Nicaraguan military minder, as I sipped one last Toña — the country’s refreshing if not watery national beer, waiting for the flight home.

Russia shipped 50 T-72 tanks last year, raising eyebrows in the United States.

With 30% of the population living under the poverty line, according to the World Bank, and a change of the country’s constitution that allowed ex-Sandinista leader, President Daniel Ortega Ortega win a third term in 2016, one could be forgiven for anticipating Nicaragua to go the way of Honduras…

Flavius Mihaies

Journalist & Consultant @WorldBank. Where development, conflict resolution, technology and communication meet. Alum @UniofOxford. Teach yoga in refugee camps

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