How an internship in digital marketing can boost your career

Internships are one of the best ways of getting much-needed technical (practical) know how in any career/ field, they give you connections, increase your network and fill the very important work history/experience section in your cv especially if you’re just starting a career or considering a career change.

Here are some ways an internship in digital marketing can be an added advantage to your career life.

  1. Gives you the drive/ knowledge to “start up”: Thanks to the internet and the budding tech space, lots of people are now able to start up their businesses with ease. One advantage digital marketing gives you is the drive to kickstart your business with practically low funds, if you’re able to properly market yourself on the internet, you can start your own career before setting foot in a workplace.
  2. You become a hot cake (Literally): The demand for professional digital marketers has tripled over the last 2 years, more agencies and brands are on the lookout for digital marketers and there’s just not enough of them. This provides anyone planning to intern in digital marketing with a unique competitive advantage; you are preparing yourself for a career where demand exceeds supply and this is simply the best. If you are able to hone your digital marketing skills perfectly, there will always be amazing options for you out there. You will most likely get retained wherever you intern so it’s always a win-win.
  3. Makes you more versatile: Best believe having a digital marketing experience/know-how is an added advantage in any field. You are looked at as being modern/up to date and can provide assistance beyond your job responsibilities. This will give you access to extra benefits and fast track your career growth.
  4. Means of extra income (Freelance gigs): Your stint with a digital career could be your ticket to the extra bucks life. As stated earlier, there is a lot of job demand and opportunities in digital marketing so people are always willing to hire freelancers for projects, campaigns or even part time jobs. You can have a full-time job as an office manager and be another organisation’s social media handler on the side. There are basically tons of side gigs out there for you no matter your niche in digital marketing.
  5. Increased network in one of the fastest growing industry in the world: It’s no news that tech is the future. Tech is shaping everything in the world right now and that’s why many start-ups are plugged into it and find a way to emphasize the tech side of their services more. An internship in digital marketing will expose you to the best people from different fields and walks of life be it agriculture or fashion. This will, in turn, increase your network/connections and we all know how important those are in one’s career life.