Why Apple broke my heart, and how Google mended it!

In today’s world we are so attached to our digital devices. Our lives are consumed with using phones, tablets, watches and the plethora of digital devices and electronic gizmos. Sometimes we can live without them or sometimes we get a break and find out that we are free without them. We are tied to our calendars, family events and constant reminders. I am also one of those tethered individuals; eternally connected to the world through my iPhone. Yet on the flip side, having my iPhone has also enriched my life. 
Our phones capture the great moments of family events and capture momentary snapshots of birthdays and other incredible endearing happenings. These electronic miracles give us the ability to take pictures, record videos and talk face-to-face with loved ones who live far away. Looking back, I am now so grateful to have these powerful tools that assist in capturing my family life, which was nearly impossible just a short time ago. 
Apple broke my heart. Some of my friends say that they would consider me to be an immense Apple fan. And in saying so, I would agree that I do enjoy many of Apple’s numerous products. Apple products are engrained into the fabric of my life, my workload and my everyday living. Most would say their products are clean, modern and easy to use. In all of the years of using Apple products there is only one incident in my life that was such a disappointment and it crushed my spirit. 
Apple robbed me of a special moment that involved my son. His school hosted an event called “Passport Night,” wherein each grade would give a performance representing a different country. It had been decided that each grade would give a performance representing a different country and my son’s class had the difficult task of representing Chile. 
My son was one of three children tasked with giving a speech on Chile. As a mom, I was so incredibly proud of him and my heart swelled. We decided to show up quite early so that we could scout out a great spot for capturing the whole thing on film. There I stood poised and ready with iPhone in hand and ready to film. In preparation, I checked the settings to make sure it was on video. Moments later his class came up on stage and I pressed the record button to capture everything from the start. As it was his turn to speak, I felt such intense happiness and pride. Once he had completed his speech, I noticed that the video button was different. It displayed white lines around the red record circle. Then I noticed that the video was playing in slow motion. I could not believe it! I made sure I had hit the right button and I didn’t know what had happened. Did I hit the slider and make it go into slow motion? I thought that as soon as I had set the camera on video and hit the record button everything would stay still. To my surprise, it did not! 
Just like most of you, I use my phone to take pictures and record videos of family events just as I had done with my son’s presentation. After the frustrating trip home, my husband asked to see the video and I had to explain what had happened. He was upset with me and I was really unhappy with Apple at this point. In my frustration, I was trying to think of different ways I could possibly resolve this. I turned to the Internet for possible solutions but my needless searching came up with zero reasonable answers. Even now, after a bit of time has passed, I try to put this awful moment out of my head. 
It had been a few weeks and the corrupted video was still on my phone. I remained heartbroken that this had happened to me. Suddenly, as the unlikely superhero jumps into action, Google saves the day. Once I had finally calmed down a bit, I patiently began looking for a solution again. To my surprise, Boom! There it was, clear as day. I pulled up Google in my browser and typed the following into the search box, “When I am shooting a video with my iPhone 6s, can I lock the video nav so it does not switch to slow motion?” To my surprise this link came up:

I started to read the article and thought to myself, is this true? Can I fix the video? Is this a possible solution? I was so excited and couldn’t wait to try it. I read the post a few times to make sure that this was something I could do. First, I made a duplicate video as they suggested in the article. I set the video in edit mode and moved the white lines as directed. To my surprise, I was able to fix it. Finally, the slow motion video of my son performing his speech came back to life in full motion and I was able to see him actually give his speech as was originally intended. Being able to fix the issue made me the happiest mom in the world. If anything, this has taught me that some technology problems can be fixed, even by me. I can solve problems no matter how big or small they seem. I did mention earlier about how Apple robbed me. I was so disheartened and disappointed, but the outcome was different. I did actually get my happy ending. When you think you have lost it all, take a deep breath and look at it from another angle. I bet it is not as bad as it could be and most likely there is a way to work towards a solution. We just have to take a step back and find the right next moves. Apple, I thank you for capturing that moment and I thank Google for solving the problem!