The Buffalo Bills Should Keep Tyrod Taylor as Their Starting Quarterback

In 1988 and 1989, which were the first two years that the Buffalo Bills made the playoffs with Hall of Famer Jim Kelly at quarterback, Kelly had a total of 40 touchdown passes and 35 interceptions, and his quarterback rating during that time was 82.2.

Interestingly, in two years as the starting quarterback in Buffalo, Tyrod Taylor has thrown 37 touchdown passes and only 14 interceptions, and his overall quarterback rating is 94.2, which is significantly better than Kelly’s was for the aforementioned time span. It’s also significantly better than Kelly’s lifetime quarterback rating of 84.4. Plus, Taylor’s rushed for 10 touchdowns in his two years in Buffalo, so that’s a total of 47 touchdowns against only 14 interceptions — an outstanding ratio. Furthermore, his threat as a runner is probably the main reason the Bills have the best rushing attack in the NFL right now — opponents have to account for him on every play, which opens things up for the running backs.

Now don’t get me wrong: Tyrod Taylor will likely never be a Hall of Fame passer, but he’s been an extremely productive quarterback for Buffalo the last two seasons, despite the fact he’s had far less talent around him than Jim Kelly had. Unfortunately, many Bills fans, as well as members of the Buffalo media, tend to focus on what Taylor can’t do instead of appreciating his many positive attributes, which is putting pressure on the organization to part ways with him; however, I think that would be a huge mistake.

With a solid defense and the right offensive system that is built around his exceptional running ability and his strengths as a passer, Taylor is fully capable of leading the Bills to the playoffs — a place they haven’t been to since 1999 — and he’s the type of electrifying player who could make some special things happen when he gets there.

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