How To Mark The Lines On A Football Pitch

If you need to mark a football pitch, there are a number of tools that you will need. You also need to know what steps you should take to mark the pitch correctly. An incorrectly marked pitch will cause major problems when a game is played on it.

The Tools

Before you start marking the pitch, you need to ensure that you have a measuring tool such as a tape measure. You also need a paint machine for making the lines and lime powder or paint which is specifically for outdoor use. You also need to have small wooden stakes and wire or string.

Prepare The Field

The first step in marking a football pitch is to prepare the field. You will need to freshly mow the lawn as this will allow the paint to show up better. The markings on the pitch will also last longer when painted onto mowed grass.

Measure The Length Of The Pitch

Once the grass is cut, you need to measure out the first length of the pitch. This length should be between 100 to 130 yards. The exact distance will vary depending on the age of the players and the association using the pitch. Once you have measured this, you need to place a stake in the middle of the length to mark where the centre line will be.

Staking The Pitch

You will need to place a stake at the start of the length measurement and at the end. Once the stakes have been placed, you will need to run your string or wire from one stake to another. This will provide you with a guide for your paint machine and will ensure that the lines are straight. It is important that the string or wire is taught to ensure that the lines are straight.

Mark The Pitch Lines

At this point, you will be able to paint the field lines. Once the first length has been painted, you will need to measure out the second length. The same steps will need to be taken for the second length and you will need to use the same measurement.

Mark The Width Of The Pitch

Marking the width of the pitch is the next step and will follow a similar pattern to marking the length. However, you will start at the top or bottom of the marked lengths. The width of the pitch will be between 50 and 100 yards again depending on the age of the players and the association. Once the width has been marked, the lines can be painted.

Mark The Goal Box

While you are waiting for the pitch markings to dry, you can measure out the goal box. This will need to be 6 by 6 yards. The box should be measured from the goal posts. Once you have measured and staked the goal box, it can be painted.

Mark The Corners

The corners of the pitch will also need to be marked. Once the paint has dried along the edges of the pitch, you can stake this. The corner-circle would measure a yard from the corner.

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