Fleet Management Firms Have Trucker Safety, Productivity and Company Profit in Mind

Regardless of which side of the safety debate you fall on, the benefits must be recognized. For trucking drivers, the policies and procedures you must follow are meant to ensure your well-being on the road. For trucking company owners, these measures are in place to keep everything running on schedule. It’s also a great way to guarantee profitability by getting shipments to where they need to be on-time every time.

However, such micromanaging is often best left to fleet management services that can crunch the numbers and track progress on your behalf. That’s why we’re here to break down some services offered by fleet management companies and how individual truckers and their employers will benefit.

· Accident prevention: Through risk-management services, third-party companies hired by trucking outlets can keep tabs on drivers, their behavior, training and infractions. What does this mean for the trucking companies? For starters, you won’t have to micromanage because you’ve hired an outside outlet to do it for you. Further, issues will be raised immediately after being detected.

· Accident management: While third-parties will do everything they can do prevent accidents before they happen, the simple fact is that slip-ups do happen from time to time. For shipping fleet owners and operators, bringing aboard an outside group that’s capable of assessing damaged vehicles means you’ll be able to argue the best price to insurance companies.

· Driver training: Your drivers are trusted to transport thousands of dollars of goods. Why would you not require them to go through training? That’s the crux of the argument raised by many fleet management companies, as they can oversee programs designed to improve driving patterns.

· Fleet replenishment: Trucks get old, parts wear out and repairs get costly. By delineating the sale of vehicles from your fleet to a third-party group, you can rest assured that maximum market value will be attained at auction. You won’t have to worry about the paperwork, just identify the trucks that have got to go and outside parties will handle the rest.