Tired of switching between apps?

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Us too

The average adult has over 30 apps installed on his mobile phone while spending 23 hours a week texting. That got us thinking. At Fleksy, we pride ourselves on being the fastest keyboard in the world. So we decided to live up to our legacy and make you save even more time by going beyond typing.


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Messenger Pops are mini-app programs like, Yelp, GIPHY, Skyscanner, Spotify, YouTube and more, that are embedded directly inside Fleksy keyboard and are always available when you need them. They’re with you during your conversation to assist you with everything you currently need to switch apps for:

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Using the Yelp Messenger Pop to share a restaurant address
  • Finding Movies
  • Restaurants to go to
  • How you will get there
  • Checking the weather
  • Splitting the bill
  • Sharing music, videos and more

Is it that simple?

Messenger Pops give you quick access to all of your favorite apps, without having to leave your preferred texting platform.

We aim to boost your productivity and even save space on your phone by eliminating the need to install other apps. Statistics show that 80% of smartphone users download apps and never actually use them. We’re changing the way apps are used by providing users with the best apps available and integrating them seamlessly into their Fleksy keyboard.

How can I use Messenger Pops?

To start using them, just tap on the magnifying glass located in the top left section of the keyboard. Choose the mini-app you want and use it right inside Fleksy. The mini-app will quickly upload your results to be able to share them instantly.

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GIPHY Messenger Pop
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Youtube Messenger Pop

More to come!

iOS users have been enjoying Messenger Pops for some time now, but this will be the first time Yelp is available for both iOS and Android. On top of Yelp, you can start using Yelp, GIPHY, Qwant, YouTube, all available on the latest version of Fleksy for Android.

Download or update here!

Stay tuned for our plans to add more Messenger Pops this year!

Originally published at https://medium.com on February 12, 2019.

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Fleksy is the world's fastest smartphone keyboard that uses AI & advanced autocorrect technology to give you the most accurate typing experience & so much more!

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