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Building something is fun, especially when you have all of the right pieces and they fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. When you’re a kid, legos are the tools to achieve your mastery. As for a multi-million-dollar company, that tool is code. That is why Fleksy decided to create the most adaptable puzzle piece of them all — The Fleksy Keyboard SDK. It’s versatile, flexible, and fits into your most ambitious projects in no time at all, defying the unthinkable!

Our resilient SDK has already helped build some awe-worthy milestones across several industries we would like to share with you. …

Writing went through many iterations before it became what is today. Times New Roman wasn’t the default script for ancient Egyptians, in fact, paper didn’t even exist when the first words were written.

This article interview with Vicky Gerchinhoren will take you on a journey through the evolution of fonts and explain some of the “how’s” and “why’s” the fonts we use today came about over thousands of years.

Physical constraints made fonts evolve

Different scripts come from different times in history and their shapes have a relationship with a particular historical moment. For example, Italic calligraphy arose from a period of high paper and bureaucratic work in the Italian chancery during the Renaissance period. The number of documents needed to be written made the humanist minuscule script be deformed — transformed. It was so much work that the amount of traces was naturally reduced and the letters were naturally skewed by the speed of their writing. …

When you think of communication, you might first think of phone calls, text messages or two people talking. As you think longer about it, sentence structure and tone of voice might come to mind. Some things said sarcastically can be laughable or amusing, but when said with a serious tone, it’ll give you the creeps.

What you might not think of when evoking communication is a font. Fonts are not so commonly associated with communication, but in fact, can heavily influence our perception of what is being communicated.

With the mobile keyboard being at the forefront of modern communication, we take great responsibility in offering highly usable and legible fonts on Fleksy, while still keeping them fun and pleasing to the eye. …

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Fleksy sound design in the making

Fleksy has always been known as a highly customizable and unique keyboard. Part of what makes us so unique is the layout of the keyboard, look of it, as well, as our gestures. But up until now, the one characteristic that was lacking this unique factor was our sound design!

You might wonder? Sound…in a keyboard? Most of you might not realize because of our phones being constantly set in vibrate / silent mode but over 35% of our users have sounds activated, which makes it a very important part of a virtual keyboard. …

Everything we do is carefully geared toward building a transversal platform where everything you need falls under one beautifully designed roof. We always prioritize features that have more than one use case and Huggg is no exception. It has opened the door to 2 new future-proof capabilities of Fleksy.

  1. Payment flow
  2. Map View flow

Both of these elements are imperative to Huggg’s Mini-app to function, but they’re also crucial elements of our Messenger Pops platform. Think about how often you make payments with your phone, check your map for directions, or send someone your location! Most of us couldn’t live without these tools! …

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Vincent Gibson, CEO of VBoard

With another successful Messenger Pops Campaign launch in the books, our users can now watch TV from within their favorite messaging platform while they type. As you’ve probably guessed it, integrating companies’ content and services is difficult work and takes lots of precise engineering, communication, and design to bring it all together. Let’s take a look behind the scenes to see what that experience was like for Vincent Gibson, the CEO of VBoard, and find out why he thinks Fleksy is the app platform of the future.

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Fleksy Keyboard + VBoard

Remember what life was like before TV?

News took days or weeks to spread. Sure times were slower and some people liked it, but everything was really inefficient. Plus, kids were bored.

Once video killed the radio star it was game on! People could access world news faster than you could say “Rupert Murdoch.” With the flip of a switch, you were informed. Television opened the door for endless entertainment. From sports games to Newscasts and MTV the only restriction for watching TV was that you had to have a TV, well, that, and your parents’ house rules. …

Mini-app programs also known as Messenger Pops are on the rise! Hear one brand’s first-hand experience with creating a Messenger Pop campaign, and how it helped their business thrive!

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Vassilis Kallitsis is the Founder and CEO of Vimodji. He has 20 years of experience as a Film and Marketing Director. His passion is film and music and he envisioned Vimodji as a new language of communication among users who can share their emotions and feelings with quality content on the internet.

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We have been receiving a lot of comments from our users regarding the need for having a light version of Fleksy. Not taking our user’s feedback lightly, we have been working hard on this improvement and we’re delighted to announce that our app size has been reduced by 40%!

Read on to see how we managed to make this great leap and bring an app store into the keyboard that will free up even more space!

Focusing on what’s important

Fleksy was able to reduce App size by 40% by removing the themes’ background images that were stored by default inside the app. So, rather than having all of the themes automatically downloaded with the app, from now on, the theme will only be downloaded when you tap the “Get it” button. …

We have been receiving a lot of feedback from our users asking us how Fleksynext works and how we approach privacy with this feature. So we decided to give you a deeper view of the science behind Fleksynext.

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Why Fleksynext?

The purpose of Fleksynext is to help you access the relevant services and content you need, quicker. The idea behind the “next” of Fleksynext is that Fleksy understands what app you need to use “after” finishing your sentence. So, there is no need for switching apps. Instead, everything can be done instantly within the keyboard!



Fleksy is the world's fastest smartphone keyboard that uses AI & advanced autocorrect technology to give you the most accurate typing experience & so much more!

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