Top 5 Gift Ideas for a Woman Who Travels

Looking for a unique gift for a special someone who frequently zigzags around the globe? Do you prefer unique items like African Botanics Wanderlust Travel gift set or the usual bag-and-purse? As your special someone is about to go travelling, finding the best gift that delights her to no end must be foremost on your mind. You want her to squeal with delight or weep with tears of joy. You would want her to remember you wherever she may be. But with a wide array of choices, picking one can be mind-boggling. To get you started, here are a few gift ideas.

Skincare Essentials

If she’s travelling for a summer vacation to somewhere hot and humid, One Love Organics has a cool tropical getaway gift set for her skin to revitalize and rehydrate. Made from all-natural pineapple extracts, this skincare essential ensures that her skin is protected and cleansed from toxins and impurities which she could acquire while in transit.

Pampering Kit

One of the challenges of a travelling woman is packing a complete pack of pampering toiletries. Make things more convenient for her by putting together a must-have pampering stuff. African Botanics Wanderlust Travel gift set, for instance, is a great choice. After a hard days’ work or fun, she can indulge herself in the calming and sanitizing effect of cleansing oil and masks to completely eliminate make-up worn the whole day. Whisk in a body wash and lotion, facial cleanser, lip gloss, face mask and loofah to complete your gift kit.

Personalized Journal

Will she be staying there for a lengthy amount of time? A year or two perhaps? Does she have a penchant for writing? Why not give her a personalized journal? Make her note down all the memorable moments and misadventures met along the way. Traveling creates memorable experiences and having a personalized journal is a great way to preserve certain moments on that particular trip. Do include a pen though to complete the ensemble.

Travel Documents Holder

This is suited for a woman travelling overseas and where the need for travel documents comes aplenty. A document holder helps protect your passport, visa, and other travel paperworks from being corrupted by outside sources. Choose from leather, canvas, denim, thick plastic and so on. Look for a variety of designs and colors and choose the one that best represent her personality.


Why not buy her something sultry and feminine? A bottle of Strange Invisible Perfumes will make a thoughtful gift. Choose either prima ballerina or epic gardenia. You may also craft your own perfume at home. Develop a fragrance that is entirely unique and fitting to her personality and charm.

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