Top Tips on Buying CPAP Machines

Have you or a family member been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea recently? If you are reading this, there’s a big chance that you are on the prowl for the cheapest cpap machines online. A CPAP machine is a three-piece device that delivers pressurized air to your windpipe. This particular machine prevents your airway from collapsing as you sleep soundly at night. Once diagnosed with OSA or obstructive sleep apnea, it is only logical that you find a cpap machine that works best for you. With the growing number of manufacturers selling this machine, finding the right one can be overwhelming. To get you started, here’s a few tips to remember.

The Three Basic Parts of a CPAP Machine

CPAP machines consist of three parts namely, a machine, tubing system, and a mask. Most machines have built-in humidifier that pressurized and humidify air in accordance to your pressure needs. Standard tubing or hose is often at 6 feet and functions mainly in delivering flow of pressurized air. CPAP mask come in either full-face or nasal covering only. Your decision on what and where to buy relies on these three important features.

CPAP Machine. A CPAP machine, as mentioned, requires a humidifier that will help prevent irritation on your airways. What used to be an optional feature, a modern CPAP machine often has an attached humidifier to provide moisture to your air passage. There are other brands however, that still sells machines with a separate humidifier. Another innovative feature in modern cpap apparatus is the mask alert. The machine beeps to waken you should the mask come loose while you sleep. Ultra modern CPAP machines also feature data recording capabilities for monitoring and assessment.

Mask. Your choice of mask is another determining factor as your therapy solely relies on how air will be effectively delivered from the machine to your windpipe. Some people choose nasal pillow mask while others prefer one that covers the overall facial structure. A full-face mask comes highly recommended by therapists.

Tubing. Whether pricey or cheap auto pap machines, a heated tubing is essential in delivering pressurized air to your mask. Some tubings possess a built-in mask temperature sensor that closely monitors the level of humidity inside and outside the cpap machine. This prevents condensation from developing inside the tube.

Important Features to Consider

Whether pricey or nowadays are built to perform quietly. They are designed to perform at whisper-quiet levels. Some brands however, are quieter than others. Portability is another important feature to consider when buying one. For the frequent fliers, a small and compact yet lightweight one comes highly recommended. Check also if it functions using a portable battery.

In all these, it is important to consult with a reliable specialist to guide you in the selection process. It does not really matter whether you buy the most expensive or the cheapest cpap machines online or offline. When it comes to choosing, what matters most is you acquire a cpap machine that fits your therapy requirements.

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