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Secret 2: The Talent Hotbeds Played More Games & Did Less Drills

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Credit — Chris Oliver @ Basketball Immersion

“There’s no better way to get better at playing basketball, than playing basketball.” — Chris Oliver

Why are we addicted to drills?

  • They give lots of repetitions.
  • The players look and feel like they’re getting better.
  • They are structured and organised.
  • You learn the technique first, then we put it into the game.
  • It’s what we have always done. It’s how we were coached.

One problem with drills = the reversal effect.

Subjects trained under highly structured bottom-up conditions achieve high levels of success early, but falter later when the stress of competition mounts.

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We all know want to know the answers to the question of talent development — in fact it’s a critical job of thousands of people across the world in any industry. The motivation to write this article, some of the concepts have been stolen from The Goldmine Effect by Rasmus Ankerson and blended with other readings and experiences.

What is our talent quotient? What percentage of people capable of achieving something can we keep in our sport that end up achieving it?

How does a small village in Kenya named Iten, consistently produce the world’s best long distance runners?

How does a small country named Lithuania of only 2.9 million people, ranked 8th in basketball in the world?

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I’ve always had a soft spot for George Karl, I don’t know what it is but from the outside looking in sometimes the NBA seems like such a bullshit cover in the media.

Everyone acts happy, everyone’s friends when realistically with such high level operating people there will always be difference of opinion. When players are making so much more than coaches there’s always going to be a power struggle.

Maybe I’m wrong. What would I know.

George Karl has never shied away from the truth, he might seem angry, stubborn and egotistical — but you know what you’re getting. …


Jack Fleming

Basketball Coach - Melbourne, Australia. Diamond Valley Eagles, Caulfield Grammar, Box Hill Senior Secondary College, Vic Metro NITP.

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