The Fastest Way to Straighten Teeth

Everyone does not have perfect straight beautiful white teeth. Few people suffer from crooked teeth which makes them feel conscious about them. There are many reasons for uneven teeth, like some might have it during childhood because of thumb sucking, thereby pushing the teeth. For some individuals, after their milk teeth fall the growth of new teeth takes place in a different position. For some it might be because of accidents. No matter what the reason is of crooked teeth, it can be treated using several ways.

Teeth Straightening Treatment

There are various methods for teeth straightening treatment;out of all metal braces is one of the basic options to choose. However with the advancement in science various treatments have been developed which have been mentioned in detail below:

Cosmetic contouring: Any imperfection on the teeth can be rectified by cosmetic contouring. This takes very less time, just about an hour or so, for the treatment to be done. The dentist just marks on the teeth so that the shape is obtained. Laser or a sanding drill is used to shape the teeth to slowly remove the enamel. Sometimes abrasive strips are used between the teeth. Once the process is completed, as a finishing, touch smoothing and polishing treatment is undertaken on the teeth.

Invisalign: It is the new and popular treatment which is carried by most of the dentists for teeth straightening. Dentist takes the measurement of teeth and custom design aligners are manufactured. These aligners are made from clear plastic that can easily sit around the teeth. Twice a month the aligners are changed, and process is repeated till teeth are fixed in their proper shape.
Metal braces: Braces are very common and there are many people who wear it to straighten their teeth. They consist of ligature elastic, arch wire, brackets and bonding material. It is fixed to the teeth for about 5 months and is less costly when compared to other teeth straightening methods.

Accelerated orthodontics:With this method teeth straightening can be done at a very fast rate. Within 6–8 months the teeth are straightened by repositioning, filling gaps and straightening. If your family is suffering from any oral issues then head straight to Flemington Dental Care and they can probably serve you with some of the best dental solutions in the city.

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