14 ideas for what to say when a job interviewer asks “any questions for me?”
Marc Cenedella

Great article and tips.

It's strange to me that some people don't realize an interview is a two-way conversation. Remember that accepting a job is great but also a big decision, you will be "living" there the major part of your day after all.

And to complement / add some good questions, here are some that I ask when being interviewed:

  1. "What are the benefits beside the default ones? For example do the company have a home-office policy or flex hours? Any HR program that you want to point out? Any extended time on the end of the year holidays?"
  2. "How is the work time in the office (or in the account / client you will work with)? Do people usually stay after the normal our, work on the weekends? Does the company have a position / value about work hours?"
  3. "How are the management process around here? Do the teams follow a company flow or it's like everyone for itself?"
  4. "What is the company culture? Is the environment competitive, like employees should 'fight' with each other for position or it's a collaborative environment?"

As you can see my list is more focused on trying to understand how organized the company is and how well they treat their employees — two important things to have a good balance between personal and professional life.

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