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The current times are a great challenge for humanity in terms of health. It is no secret to anyone that the Coronavirus pandemic has called into question many health systems.

However, the solution of the post-COVID19 times seems to have an essential ally in Blockchain technology. Its use has been demonstrated with the multiple options currently running in various sectors of daily life: decentralized finance, recreation, food traceability, and clinical data management. The health system will especially be one of the most radical changes required to cope with the current situation and similar future events.

The use of the blockchain in the health system is undoubtedly a great ally for this crucial fight against pandemic situations. Its decentralized technology will allow not only to be more efficient than traditional care systems but also to be more secure and powerful in its timely response to new requirements and claims. …

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FLETA signed a partnership with EzDeFi, an ecosystem that provides cryptocurrency wallets and payment gateway. Its wallet supports nine blockchain platforms with more than 2,000 tokens. EzDeFi Payment Gateway processes transactions for online merchants, providing a decentralized payment solution. Its clients are able to utilize cryptocurrency payments with ease, and since it is decentralized, they do not need to pay commission to mediators. They only need to pay a low cost of the transaction fee, 0–0.1% per transaction. EzDeFi’s payment solution helps its clients adapt to the rapidly changing e-commerce industry with easy and cheap crypto-payment solutions.

Through the partnership, FLETA will be integrated into EzDeFi’s Gateway system; FLETA tokens will be used in e-commerces that are in EzDeFi’s ecosystem. Customers can now pay with FLETA in the EzDeFi ecosystem using EzDeFi payment gateway. You can also swap FLETA to other cryptocurrencies. FLETA expects more usage of FLETA tokens and a broader ecosystem through the partnership with EzDeFi. …

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How Can Blockchain Technology Be Used in Sports?

Easily one of the best-known use cases for blockchain is crypto. Cryptocurrencies are powering the whole ecosystem built around this technology.

However, it is definitely not the only pebble on the blockchain beach. Blockchain is not altogether about cryptocurrencies, as there are other uses beyond crypto. And it is time we looked into one such use. This time it will be about blockchain in the sports industry, how it can be used there, and why it matters.

Do They Have Anything in Common?

Sports are probably not the first thing off the top of your head when you think about blockchain applications in areas other than crypto. However, in fact, both realms share essentially the same value proposition — decentralization. …


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