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I’m getting pretty tired of people attacking Pokemon Go. Imagine all of the examples listed but instead of someone taking out their phones to play a game they took them out to text, check social media or snap a picture for Instagram. That never happens. No one has ever composed a tweet during a Beyonce concert.

It is fine for someone to be upset about someone using their phones in any of these occasions, lets just apply that outrage unilaterally to any phone usage, not just an addictive game. Some people want to take time at a social experience to share a picture with their friends, other want to play a game that rewards you for going out in the world. Some people’s experience of that event are heightened by sharing a digital picture, others by catching a digital monster. What is the difference?

The locations of the Pokestops came from Niantic’s previous game Ingress. Almost all of the locations in that game were user submitted. Niantic didn’t pick out Holocaust museums or the location of senseless killings, individual people submitted them to the previous game. Niantic should do a better job of vetting some of the locations, but there is a formal way to request a location to be removed from the game as well.

Don’t be outraged because someone is playing a game that has no effect on your life. Be outraged that they are using their phones at a time they shouldn’t.

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