… The Crazy Never Die …

Music has always been a matter of Energy to me…

A question of Fuel more than anything else.

Sentimental people might want to call it something like… “Inspiration.”

… But to me, I think what they really mean is “Fuel.”

I have always needed mass amounts of Fuel in my life.

In some ways I’m a serious consumer of all kinds...

Whether it be man made or basic inherited instincts.

I still believe that on some nights when the moon is full, a car with the gas needle on empty can run for about fifty more miles if you have the right kind of music flowing through the air.

… But in the end, that’s just me…

Call me crazy,


Tell You’re Story …

Eventually, all things merge into one …

Foreign Correspondent

Originally published at www.fletemeyer.com.

Clifton Fletemeyer

~ Everyone’s blessed with one special thing ~

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