Mike Cannon-Brookes just led the way for Philanthropy 2.0 in Australia
Audrey Melnik

I agree it is an exciting offer — and unprecedented. I am passionate about the momentum underway in renewables and hugely respectful of how Elon Musk is making this easier, which is powering forward indpendently of government support. However, two things I would point out It is not ‘philanthropy’ to offer a model which allows your commercial buisness to get a corner in the market of a new territory such as Australia. It’s a very savvy commercial move and no doubt other States would follow. SA could be a loss leader for this Tesla effort. However, it’s also important to pause and consider Australian interests in this. We have many local providers who offer the same products, some are superior to Tesla. If we are going to do this, why would we hand the economic opportunity to a multinational when renewables is such an enormous economic opportunity for Australia and economic export opportunity. First in best dressed? Maybe, however in every other area of government life Australian enterprise and startups must behave themselves and submit tenders etc …

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