Beyoncé, Plato, and the Foundations of the Polis
John Richard Ahern

Plato’s observation bears some semblance of truth. As I read this article Strains of classics came to mind, (don’t ask how) and the reactions it stirs from my early memories of travelling with my dad on his baroitone recitals.

I’m Jamaican who made it by root core to embracing the cultural aspects of my folklore. The mode of this form intoxictaes but borders on humility to contrasting hyper hallucinations when african drums are the highlight.

Reggae was politcally bashed and national medias banned most of the music on claims they influenced warfare, crime and “looseness”

Bob Marley’s War was banned, though the lyrics were all of Haile Selassie’s Speech at the united nations. One other of Marley’s music touted governments outside Jamaica, “Rasta don’t want no CIA” Peter Tosh mode filled with negatives against the justice system he identified as Babylon “ Babylon system is a vampire.”

As the genre and mode changed to Dance-hall it gained popularity with urbanites because it bordered on the lewd, and an entire bawdy expressions on films, videos and expressions.

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