Reader Question: Is it okay to take more time than normal to set up the story in Act One?
Scott Myers

Scott’s explanation here is comforting. my personal experience had me wrought, over first ten, fifteen pages must hit with the inciting incident and so forth or the reader might use it the fireplace. I ended up with four different approach until it dawned what if I needed to include a backstory that was vital, how much did I need to show.

Finally I have two drafts of the same script I’m working on simultaneously. Both take me into twenty-five pages; I’m sticking with it. Who knows the story better than the writer.

The task is rewarding, amazes how the characters are introduced even though they are same.

The time stamp required to break the three acts brings creativity at best. Navigating scenes to act two as fractured narrative is an element used to shorten the first act.

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