The Packed Lunch Diaries

The packed lunch can be a daunting prospect for parents. What to put in it? How much food do they need? How do you keep it cool? It can be hard to keep thinking of fun ways to reinvent the ham sandwich!

Well I have a few suggestions, based on trial and error, using my own two kids as guinea pigs to hopefully make your life more easy.

Give it a go, or not, that’s completely up to you!

Step One: Get organised.

If you’re organised then life immediately feels slightly less stressful and you feel slightly more like you’ve achieved something.

Pick a quiet time where you aren’t supposed to be doing something else to make a shopping list. I find I spend far less time preparing the food during the week if I already have a plan of what I’m going to make on each day — enhances that achievement feeling again!

Use my packed lunch guide to make sure you buy enough of the foods you’ll need to get lunches made for the whole week.

Step Two. Night before prep.

Each night before do as much of the preparation as you can. This will vary depending on what you’re choosing to give them the next day. At the very least you can make sure their packed lunch box is clean and ready to go the following morning.

Now have a look at some variations I’ve put together and get lunching!

Fleur x