Building a new cannabis narrative

Helping a cannabis brand find the workspace to enable their flexible, creative team of 15

Sep 22 · 3 min read

Challenge: Give Herb access to a workspace that matches their culture and breadth of work styles.

Outcome: A new workspace model that saved 99% of Herb’s previous month’s office expense.

Cannabis is a plant that humanity has grown with symbiotically for millennia all over the world. It appears throughout history, in every geography.

Last century, cannabis and its close cousin hemp were criminalized in Canada, the US and many other countries, often grouped with other substances like cocaine and heroin. Three generations of people were inundated with messages vilifying cannabis and its users.

In 2014, Colorado became the first US state to lift cannabis prohibition, though it is still a federally controlled substance. In 2018, Canada decriminalized the recreational use of cannabis, leaving each province and territory to write their own rules for retail and control.

Toronto-based cannabis brand Herb is the largest and most trusted cannabis community in the world with over 10 million enthusiasts across the U.S. and Canada. Herb recently launched a brand new mobile app partly built in Flexday locations. The app helps you find the right cannabis products for you and keep track of its effects, regardless of how experienced you already are.

Herb’s mobile app 2019
Herb’s mobile app 2019
Herb’s mobile app, built in-part at Flexday. Learn more at

Herb is leading the charge in teaching our generation about the potential for humans and cannabis.

‘Cannabis has the power to heal, enlighten and intrigue. Humanity deserves better than prohibition, and Herb is leading the educational charge through new media.’

Nick Gray, Head of Product, Herb

Herb is staffed by creative professionals who are enabled by a flexible workspace policy that prioritizes maker time. They develop most of their content in Toronto and work with contractors around the globe who bring broad perspectives to the market.

When their office lease came up for renewal, they asked: ‘what type of workspace do we need to support our team?’

Staff members knew of Flexday through signage in front of partner locations and heard that it was being used by creative professionals for on-demand workspaces. They suggested a closer look.

Nick reached out to Flexday to learn more.

Coffee station via Flexday
Coffee station via Flexday
Enjoy a productive workspace with fast wifi, power within reach and unlimited coffee

Flexday set Herb up on a team account within a day of their first phone call, when they figured out that switching to Flexday would save 99% of office expense.

That money was deemed to be better spent on talent and saved for future projects.

Each Herb team member gets their own account and chooses how much access they need, with Nick receiving a monthly bill and usage report. The team checks in individually on the Flexday app and shows their Entry Pass for get-togethers at Snakes and Lattes every Monday for their team meeting and product sync.

Snakes and Lattes offers a bright, spacious workspace perfect for solo or group work

Throughout the week Flexday also offers the team the ability to meet in new and creative locations throughout Toronto for personal convenience and a change of scenery with the ability to interact with other creative professionals.

Flexday has provided clear value for Herb.

Learn more about Herb and get the free app:

Flexday offers remote workers on-demand workspaces throughout the city from $3 per day. Get the app and your free trial at

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