Flexday’s Anti-Racism Action Plan


Last Updated: June 5, 2020


We understand that our business is our values manifested, that our community is a reflection of ourselves and that small — even inadvertent — actions compound into the results we deserve.

We understand that upholding the current system would preserve the unjust outcomes that are oppressing our Black, Indigenous and marginalized communities.

We will, therefore, use the urgency of this moment to make a commitment of equity as an organization and share our support for FoodShare who bring justice through food security to everyone.

Flexday’s Commitment:

1. Active invitation to Black, Indigenous and other marginalized communities who have been excluded from shared spaces due to racism and systemic oppression.

2. Active enrolment of workspaces that increase the representation of marginalized communities and their preferred environments.

3. Active recruitment of diverse team members, partners, suppliers, and contributors that reflect the communities in which we operate.

4. Individual and shared responsibility among our team to highlight where we might be perpetuating systemic discrimination through our work.

5. Support for our team and stakeholders in their learning process, encouraging them to seek and share resources while taking direct action to uphold our shared commitment.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

Resources we consulted: