We’ve changed. (For the better.) 😊

We made some bold changes to your workspace experience. 📱

The Flexday App now makes it easier for you to find and book coworking desks, meeting rooms or private offices for you, your team, or your clients — with thousands of coworking spaces and suites in our network. 🎉

Why? Because the future workplace is already here. 🔮

We’re all living in it: virtual meets, remote schedules, video workshops, office trips, off-site presentations. 💻 📅 📹 🗄 ️📊

All these bode well for your employees and savings for your office.But it also spells out more work for team leads and office managers.

Our Flexday Concierge Team is your office partner. 🤝

We expertly look at your team’s unique needs, and sift through thousands of spaces for you and your team to work in. Simply tell us your details, and we’ll happily find the right space in our network.

There’s no hidden fees, no commitments when you book.

And you won’t have to worry about:

✅ Finding the right-size space for your team

✅ Adding team members into your team account

✅ Sending room and booking reminders to your team

✅ Fast, secure, reliable Wi-Fi network

✅ Managed reception, fully furnished spaces

✅ Guest washrooms and other space amenities

✅ Access to kitchen, lunch rooms and other common areas

Your first day is free. Chuck the commute 🚘 and try a coworking desk nearer from home, and experience the wonders of #workspacefreedom. ✊🎉



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