Ajay Sharma | Founder | Get Me Experts | FlexiOrg

Ajay Sharma is an Industry veteran with around 30 Years of Experience in HR, Business Strategy, Semiconductor and IT. Ajay is a first generation Entrepreneur, working in the domain of Gig Economy, Future of Work, Future Workforce & Emerging Technology.

After spending 25 years in Corporate World, Ajay Ventured into his own company Ashtopus Consulting AB in Sweden. Later he moved back to India and experimented with technology space in the area of fingerprint sensors. However his passion for his core strength, i.e.Human Resources pushed him to develop a new area, “Gig Economy or On-Demand Economy”. This is now his core passion and he has created two portals related to this field.

Ajay Sharma, Founder, Get Me Experts & FlexiOrg

First Venture: — Get Me Experts

Then in 2016 he launched a new venture Global Aggregation Platform For Niche Expert in India, Get Me Experts ( GME). GME facilitates the search process of getting the suitable expert for your projects by bringing the Best Global Experts. Experts available at GME are matching the quality and scalability of top Management Consulting Companies.

Ajay Sharma believes “Excellence and expertise” are what Businesses need to maintain their edge over the fast-paced and competitive environment. At “Get Me Experts” (GME), they have a team of solution-oriented experts. They are not a management consulting company, rather they say it is a “Consulting Management” company which helps in managing the consulting requirements of organizations “On-Demand” basis.

Ajay has a diverse background in Operations, HR and R&D Management. He has provided his professional expertise to companies related to Semiconductor, IT & Manufacturing, across various functions like R&D, sales, marketing, and service operations.

Ajay is a key Driver for concepts like “Experts on-Demand”, Future of Work, Gig Economy, Reconfigurable Leadership teams, Labour laws for Gig Economy Workers, managing performance for project-based resources.

He believes ‘Human Resource” is one of the most important functions in business, poised to lead business transformation. In a knowledge sharing and hyper-connected economy, finding, engaging, and keeping talent is the only way companies can compete and win.

His focus areas in terms of industries are Smart Cities, Infrastructure, Blockchain, IoT, AR, VR, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cyber Security, GDPR & developmental projects.

Continuation of gig economy pursuit: Launch of FlexiOrg


Another venture of Ajay Sharma is FlexiOrg, a Transparent Flexible Staffing Solution Provider that also provide support to Gig Economy Professionals in terms of Self Management, Taxation & legal, Client Management, Skill Development and Overall Wellness.

Ajay is trained as Executive Coach, holds a degree in Law, Post Graduate Degree in Organizational Psychology & Human Resource Management.

He is a business leader with a strong HR background. With expertise understanding & driving business drivers, he focuses on bringing solutions at optimum cost.

On Global Front, he managed the role of transnational HR management for Modem Business Unit of ST Ericsson from Sweden. During this period, he facilitated HR processes for Sweden, Norway, Finland, Holland, Germany, France, Korea, China and Japan. He has a good understanding of the US, Europe and APAC region HR Practices.

An early entrant into Quality systems (way back in 1992), he has always focused on Efficiency & Effectiveness Improvement. In his role as Country Manager for ST Ericsson India, he optimized the operations cost with higher efficiency. This was achieved through process re-engineering especially in Purchase and Facilities Management, workflow improvement, Automation and resource optimization. A strong metrics oriented review systems were always a backbone of these initiatives.

His interest is in implementing Best HR practices, especially in Startup Companies. His core contribution has been creating strategic HR plan to build an empowering organizational culture, Designing HR systems to improve efficiency & Employee engagement.

He worked at HR Leadership position in Ericsson, ST Ericsson, Xilinx, Cadence, Computer Associates, JK Industries, Steria. He has a Global Exposure of managing HR in European and South East Asian countries.

Ajay is a strong believer in helping professionals in their growth and he is available for career advice at the mid-senior management level.