Spring Sanctuary at the Loft

At the Calm Works, York

“The theme of this Sanctuary was about pressing pause, getting some ‘me’ time and settling into the new season. Spring being the season of new beginnings, a time to start afresh with renewed focus and energy”

Its in the name and it exactly how I felt during this event. Away from everything, no distractions just time for me and me only.

As soon as you enter the Loft after padding up the lovely stripped carpet to the entrance you instantly feel calm.

The objective of the first evening is to wind down from the week. It was a very small group and after a welcoming herbal tea Joe who ran the event started by asking us to write down what we wanted to “Brain Dump” over the evening and the next day, we were encouraged to write it down and pop it into an envelope.

The wind down began, with a gentle unwinding posture (asana), breathing practices (pranyama) and lots of relaxation this ended in a yoga nidra.

I returned home for a wonderful night sleep.

Saturday I woke from a deep sleep, feeling rested and my mind much clearer from the busy week ready for the day ahead.

The day started with a herbal tea and a recap on our session the night before we then talked about what we wanted to get out of the session, Joe wrote some notes to look back on at the summary at the end of the morning.

We then begin with opening practices of conscious movement and pranayama. We then worked in some mindfulness self care practices and discussion which was really useful and definitely skills that I can incorporate in my daily routine. 
Joe showed us some seated meditation practices followed by lunch of home made soup and bread, very yummy and greatly received.

Herbal tea and water were available throughout the morning.

Joe closed the morning with a guided relaxation followed by a summary of our experience.

I left feeling more together with ideas to help my life. Filled with renewed focus and energy. These skills are now part of my well-being toolkit.

Thank you Joe for a wonderful retreat and experience


Joe can be found at:

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