Flexport Presents FlexVets: A Program By Veterans For Veterans

Nov 2, 2016 · 3 min read
FlexVets is a program put forward by Flexport veterans for veterans — it is a resource for transitioning veterans to find out more about building a career in international trade and logistics at Flexport, and to help determine how they fit in with the company, culture, and current veteran employees.

The Quest for Top Talent

Building the operating system for global trade is no easy task. Our success depends on building the best team and on our quest to do so, one group in particular stood out as high performers: veterans.

We’ve found a strong correlation between skills and values learned in the military and the success drivers for Team Flexport. As mission driven leaders, veterans have been able to come in and make an immediate impact with their drive for values, understanding of global operations and the delicate balance between ground floor execution and strategic thinking.

Introducing FlexVets

This realization prompted us to reach out to current veteran employees, and together we created FlexVets — our recruitment and mentorship program aimed at recognizing veterans for the service they’ve performed and allow them to leverage their experience and values on the next great mission — fixing the user experience in global trade while building a great company.

Through FlexVets, we’re able to provide veterans with resources that they might not otherwise have access to. By providing veterans with a transition plan that takes advantage of their leadership skills and technical training, we prepare them to be successful.

FlexVets serves as an unofficial Flexport employee resource group (similar to FlexLadies, a resource to counteract the underrepresentation of women in the logistics and tech industries) where veterans can opt in to mentorship programs and be paired with a current Flexport veteran employee who acts as a personal guide to the world of logistics — a field many veterans already have significant experience in. This further enables Flexport to make resources available and build a community among our veteran employees.

Flexport’s Commitment

Many companies say they are “veteran-friendly, but don’t take the necessary steps to drive inclusion. We think of our FlexVets recruiting strategy as a “going towards” strategy — meaning we actively and selectively seek out veteran candidates.

Often, veterans have atypical resumes, making it difficult to secure interviews or explain the translation of their skills to other roles. We bridge the gap by leveraging our current veteran employees as arbiters to review veteran candidates’ resumes or LinkedIn profiles to better decipher the achiever pattern we’re looking for.

From there, the interview process accommodates for any potential layman’s bias by including current veteran employees at every step. Existing veteran employees help to ensure the interview process provides the best possible experience to veteran candidates, who often encounter discrimination in their job search outside of the military. We provide veteran employee testimonies and insights on our Flexport company website in order to best prepare applicants and give them a feel for our company culture. Additionally, employee interviewers are specifically trained to interview veteran candidates.

— — —

Flexport’s approach to hiring veterans stems from our larger diversity strategy, which is simply to hire the best person for the job — to optimize for quality above all else. The FlexVets program is Flexport going towards the best people our recruiting team can find and investing in these employees’ growth. Having great people on our team in turn promotes a great culture and encourages learning throughout the company.

We’re interviewing new FlexVets candidates every day, and our recruiting team dedicates time to sourcing and contacting transitioning or recently transitioned veterans. In the near future, we look forward to broadening the FlexVets program’s reach outside of the U.S. so we can help veteran employees from all over the world have long, successful careers with Flexport.

If you’re interested in working at Flexport, feel free to check out our careers page or contact Kristen Hayward at FlexVets@flexport.com.

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