Racking & Space efficiencies for Warehouses in Indian cities of Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi etc

Various factors making Warehousing Expensive

How to Make Warehousing Cost-Effective in India?

Improving Space Utilization

Five simple ways to improve warehouse efficiency

  • Optimizing and maximizing available space — rather than expanding the existing footprint of your warehouse, consider using the vertical space, smartly. Add taller storage units and the right equipments to store and pick materials. This can help you stock more products in the same square footage without any expansion construction costs. Here, you can also opt for storage racking system for a variety of products by placing them strategically. Storing small items on pallet racks utilizes a lot of space and also misplaces the products. Design various types of shelves for specific products, rather than using the same racks across the entire warehouse. Also, maintain standardized bins to help keep
  • Lean Inventory — Consider lean inventory for your industrial warehouse racking. This is just as important as packaging and manufacturing. The basic idea of maintaining lean inventory means to store only what you need, and nothing more. This is the most thoughtful decision as it reduces and eliminates safety stocks and enables the supplier to deliver smaller quantities more frequently.
  • Technological advantages — The ERP system or the warehouse management system (WMS) with a strong module can improvise the efficiency by selecting best methods and routes for picking or storing items. This system also provides automatic packing lists that can be sent to electronic devices and mobile readers for faster connectivity and avoiding wastage of paper. This also helps keep your warehouse greener and eco-friendly. Also, with the help of barcode or radio frequency identification RFID readers, transaction can become accurate by reducing the number of packing errors. According to a research conducted by the University of Arkansas, RFID usage increased the inventory accuracy by 27 per cent in just 14 weeks.
  • Well organized workstations — A decently organized workstation surely does improve the productivity and saves laborers’ time. This is because workers are not equipped with electrical tools for tracing items. The ‘5S’ method from lean manufacturing, which consists of : Sort; Set in order; Shine; Standardize; and Sustain ensure your workstations are as organized as possible — these methods are designed by the experts to reduce errors, improve safety and keep clutter at bay.
  • Optimize labor efficiency — If your WMS does not generate efficient packing plans, then you must probably create them manually. Examine your material usage patterns and store low and high volume items accordingly in order to eliminate travel time. Also, store frequently sold items in lower reachable racks as it becomes easy to pick and pack. Basically, this is all about streamlining operations. If you place the items that are picked most often, in the most accessible locations it helps eliminate delays.

How to utilize vertical cubes

Warehousing storage distribution



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