Top 7 ondemand truck operators and aggregators in India for your manufacturing, distribution or ecommerce business

Top seven ondemand truck operators and aggregators in India

In 2015 there were more than ten ondemand truck operators in India; out of these some six plus have closed shops, since 2016, primarily because of not raising enough Angel or VC capital.

The post says it all.

The ones which are still in business are listed below for you to use in your manufacturing, distribution, trading, retailing or ecommerce business to save costs thus increasing sales and profits.

Long Haul and Big Trucks

1. Rivigo

Rivigo (launched in 2014 and previously known as TrucksFirst) lowers transit times for deliveries by 50 to 70 percent. Founder Deepak Garg tells Flexspace that the company’s goal is to make sure that long-haul road shipping is just as quickly and reliably as shipments by plane.

Rivigo operates its own fleet of trucks and one of the main ways it differentiates from competitors is tracking the amount of time most drivers can stay on the road before they get too tired to operate a vehicle safely.

It uses those numbers to create a relay system so drivers can end their shift and hand their truck off without interrupting Rivigo’s 24-hour route operations. Each operator has a smartphone app that automatically clocks them in when they get into a truck and keeps track of their hours and mileage.

This innovative ‘driver relay’ model ensures Rivigo that its delivery people, aptly referred to as our pilots, live a life of fulfilment, dignity and respect. Each of its pilots now spends less time away from their families, helping them lead a meaningful and well-balanced life.

2. Blackbuck

Blackbuck is a B2B inter-city full truck load marketplace. The transporters essentially need demand and B2B clients need trucks. BlackBuck provides these trucks to these businesses. Clients request for trucks based on the size, timing, and other shipment specifics.

So, if you are manufacturing hosiery in Ludhiana and transporting it to Bangalore, then Blackbuck can help you get a truck to do this for you.

Mini Trucks

3. Porter,width-672,resizemode-4,imglength-560228/small-biz/startups/how-startups-like-theporter-letstransport-blackbuck-are-driving-unorganized-trucking-business-towards-efficiency/how-startups-like-theporter-letstransport-blackbuck-is-driving-unorganized-trucking-business-towards-efficiency.jpg

Porter is a revolutionary approach that makes intra-city pickups and deliveries thoroughly efficient and reliable. It has a varied fleet of vehicles on its platform, ranging from Tata Ace, Super Ace, Tata 407, Canter to Tata 909, across Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Chennai.

It has verified and well-trained partner drivers with vehicles duly inspected before onboarding. With diverse fleet and best in class technology, it intends to give structure to this largely unprofessional and unregulated industry.

4. Letstransport


Letstransport is a last mile techno-logistics solution provider for intracity deliveries, it is based in Bangalore and is described as a “reliable, affordable, and professional service structured to serve businesses as well as consumers”.

It offers value added services such as screened drivers, audited and GPS-enabled vehicles, point-to-point billing, status updates, 24×7 service, and greater efficiency, all at transparent and economical pricing. e.g It offers services at Rs 350 for the first five km, when compared to local vendors, who provide the same at Rs 800 for that distance, and other competitors who charge Rs 450 for the first five km.

5. Moovo

Moovo is an on-Demand booking platform for mini-trucks. It provides the easiest way to move your goods in Delhi NCR.

Moovo connects mini-truck drivers and users through technology to provide a convenient and efficient freight service. It aggregates mini-trucks such as: Tata Ace, Mahindra Champion, Tata 407, Eicher 14 feet, 17 feet and 19 feet trucks.

6. Trukky

Trukky Logistics Pvt Ltd, the SME-focused, mobile-first intercity logistics services platform offers on-demand transportation solutions to both the full load and part load segments.

It offers part-load or load-sharing services of 50–3,000 kg across 50 routes, and full load (truck rental) services up to 21 tonnes across 30 major routes in the country.

The company’s load-sharing service enables consumers to transport shipments in small quantities and pay only for the space occupied in a consignment.


7. Truckola


Truckola is a technology focused intra-city cargo transportation service company that is revolutionizing the way transportation works. It provides full range of transportation services to our clients using our best-in- class technology developed by IIT engineers and supported by a highly experienced and dedicated team to manage operations.

So, if you want to transport bulk-load (FCL and LCL) then this is the right on-demand logistics partner for your business. e.g. A hosiery manufacturer transports FCL from Ludhiana ICD to Neva-Sheva Port in Mumbai for export to Dubai.

Originally published at Flexspace Blog.