Interview with G.A. Mercado

g.a. mercado
Jul 22, 2019 · 4 min read

writer, producer and director at estudios amazonia

Ann Sychov is a sweet, disciplined and methodical brand ambassador from Chisinau, Moldova. She recently joined estudios amazonia as a brand ambassador for #TheFaustFlick and The Film Business Buster™ Smart Contract projects across Russian speaking countries. I hereby transcribe in English an interview she did to me which was recently published in several Russian media outlets.

G.A. Mercado is the founder of estudios amazonia, a film studio that spearheads the adoption of the blockchain technology within the independent film industry.

Ann: Please introduce yourself and briefly tell our readers about yourself.

G.A.: You are too kind Ana. I am a Venezuelan native who has been around a bit; during my previous lives I delivered technological solutions across the Americas and Western Europe, then I moved into selling consumer goods in North America, then I jumped into marketing those very same consumer goods throughout Latin America; about ten years ago I decided to leave all that behind and become a storyteller, which is what I really love.

Ann: Please tell us about the team that you work with?

G.A.: The film business is all about finding and surrounding yourself with highly capable, trustworthy and caring professionals; and that is my team. They truly help me to be the best of myself and to deliver the best of ourselves.

Ann: What are #TheFaustFlick and the Film Business Buster™ Smart Contract projects, and how can these can change the rules of the independent film industry?

G.A.: #TheFaustFlick is the first film ever to be executive produced by a Smart Contract, the Film Business Buster™ Smart Contract. By leveraging the benefits of a peer-to-peer electronic “investment” system, such as the ERC-20 Security Tokens and Smart Contracts, we altogether bypass the film boutique bankers, which pretty much decide which “independent” movies get produced or not.

Ann: There is a lot of controversy and discussion is going on around the blockchain technology. Tell us what is blockchain technology and what problems solves this technology?

G.A.: There is indeed, specially ignited by the 600-year-old banking establishment. Blockchain basically enables anyone with access to a computer to transfer value almost instantly and without middlemen (bankers), while making these transactions available for anyone to review. This opened up a world of possibilities, not without a few caveats; for instance, greed is one of them. 2017 and 2018 reflected just that; early adopters who bet on naivete and speculation gave big lessons for the rest of us who are now embracing the technology: electronic value transferring is very real and it must be treated with criteria and care.

Ann: What do you think about the future of cryptocurrencies in general?

G.A: Any innovation that dramatically improves the way humans do things has always remained. It happened with the wheel, with the steam engine, with microprocessors and with the Internet. Cryptocurrencies and crypto-assets are gradually changing and improving the world economic ecosystem and it will bring a healthy alternative to the traditional banking system.

Ana: Who can invest in TheFaustFlick (TFF) token and or the FilmBusinessBuster (FBB) token? Who is your potential investor?

G.A: Anyone with the time to understand how we create value; that is, the investor must read the white paper; and have the patience to wait for the dividends, just like any other stockholder.

Ann: What are the advantages of financing films using TFF tokens compared to traditional methods of financing?

G.A: Twofold: first, anyone can be an investor, short-pocket or deep-pocket; it does not matter. Second, film investors can actually read the screenplay and exercise voting rights as the filmmaking and the film business cycle advances. This is unprecedented and truly a breakthrough.

Ann: Please tell readers about the listing strategy for the near future, do you plan to cooperate with exchanges?

G.A: The TFF tokens are already listed on, and; these are decentralized exchanges (DEX), and soon we will be on a few more; we are actually considering the upcoming LAToken DEX. We are also considering to do an IEO on a centralized exchange but we are still looking for the right business partner.

Ann: What is the most important thing you are working on now, and how do you do it?

G.A: Due diligence with private investors to reach our softcap, and we do it with criteria and care. We strive for investors get to know our white papers, although we insist on calling them our Business Plans.

Ann: Why you are better than your competitors and who is your nearest competitors on the market?

G.A: In terms of having a crypto-asset available for investors, there are lots of competitors on the market. I am not sure we are better, we are just serious and real business people. From a film-related crypto-asset project perspective, I have yet to see another crypto film project with a business plan at all. At the film marketplace where content is king, there are plenty of competitors with different strengths, and there we bring our sound and funny screenplay, our main key for success.

Ann: Where do you get inspiration for your realizing your plans?

G.A: That is a good question; I can only go to the root of it all. I always remember my mother telling me when I was probably 5–6 years old: — “If others could make it, so can you.’’

Ann: In conclusion, do you have any advice or wishes you would like to share with our readers?

G.A: Do your homework, if others can make it, so can you.

Ann: It was nice to talk with you, thanks for the informative interview and good luck.

G.A: Thank you so much Ana, it was a pleasure talking to you.

g.a. mercado

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writer • producer • director • adviser

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