Do You Know the Top 5 Stand Up Comedians in India? Here is the list.

There is an ongoing revolution in the Stand Up Comedy arena in India. The number of Stand Up comics has increased significantly over the past few months, and many of them have now a following which rivals Bollywood celebrities. Right from veterans like Vipul Goyal and Varun Thakur to “Sakht Launda” Zakir Khan, Stand Up Comedy has seen a surge in consumption riding the digital content wave in India.

Flicksup, the home to Movies, TV Series and Web Series, has the unique database of all Stand up Comedians and their performances in form of web series. Following is the list of best stand ups, based on 10000+ ratings on Stand Up Comedians on Flicksup. So here it goes:

5. Biswa Kalyan Rath

Starting with Pretentious Movie Reviews with Kanan Gill, Biswa Kalyan Rath’s style of comedy is unique and brilliant!
“Aye Tatti! Tera Naam Kya hai”

4. Abijit Ganguly

“Joke-plagiarism feud with Kapil sharma” fame (sorry sir!), Abijit Ganguly has gained immense popularity and stormed to our Top 5!

3. Kenny Sebastian

Kenny Sebastian has always been the one with the most female followers. With Flicksup, we just have the empirical proof

2. Zakir Khan

Zakir Khan has the most followers. The day his video is live, our servers feel the load. He just lost his top position for non frequent new videos (that’s our guess)

1. Abhishek Upmanyu

With his very relatable jokes, coupled with an awesome accent, Abhishek Upmanyu has recently gained the top spot, with the highest rating.

Special Mentions:

Three special mentions from Team Flicksup, the ones we believe have the potential to rise to the top of our rankings in future. The first and foremost, SnG Comedy. With Varun Thakur, Karan Talwar Aadar Brij Bhakta Neville Shah Kautuk Srivastava in one team, you hardly need more reason to follow them. Their podcasts are special, and though their stand ups are now infrequent, they are the ones to follow!

The second is again a veteran but fairly new in digital space, Amit Tandon. His comedy breaks age barriers and can be enjoyed with your family.

The third special mention is the one we enjoy the most, Vaibhav Sethia. His comedy is fresh and we feel pride that he shares his alma mater with some us working here at #Flicksup

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