I have never owned a car before and had I imagined myself buying one, it would probably not have been a Suzuki R Wagon. Moreover I didn’t think I would buy a car from halfway around the world, sight unseen, over the telephone.

Beginning to search for our car, or in the Adventurists speak our “pathetic steed”, we had some fairly strict criteria. It had to cost less than £1000 and it had to have an engine size of 1.2L. We also wanted five doors to promote team bonding, figuring that as much space as possible wouldn’t hurt.

So after a couple of weeks looking around we found our steed. From Australia everything in the UK seems close together so we didn’t see any harm in tripping up to Liverpool to pick up the car. Arriving on the doorstep of Owen’s Express Motors we were greeted by Leon with a big grin and the reassuring statement that he thought we were a scam. But he quickly came around when he heard about the adventure our little wagon was about to undertake. “I thought it would be useful for trips to the shop, not well for what you guys are doing.”

So now we have a vehicle, named Watson. He is but a spring chicken with 69000 miles on the clock and plenty of pluck. He is lacking some modern conveniences like air-conditioning but runs well and will hopefully serve us well.

A big thanks to Leon from Owen’s Express Motors who sorted out a new tyre and held onto Watson for us since we paid our deposit way back in March. Next stop Goodwood Raceway for the kick off party.