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Thai Airways is popular for domestic, regional and intercontinental flights transmitting from its home base in Bangkok to key destinations around the globe and inside Thailand.

History of Thai Airways

Thai Airways is the worldwide transporter in Thailand formed in 1960. Its headquarters is situated in Bangkok and flights are worked out of Suvarnabhumi Airport and Don Mueang Airport. This airline has a 39% stake in Nok Air and has operates a regional carrier called Thai Smile operating Airbus A320 Aircraft.

Back in the 1960s, this aircraft has a joint venture amongst itself and SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) and the European leased some aircraft to Thai Airways for it to work on some flights. By 1977, the Thai government purchased out the rest of the offers by SAS and it turned into a government owned airline since then. In 1997, this aircraft formed the Star Alliance together with United Airlines, Air Canada, Lufthansa and SAS.

Thai Airways — A Class Apart

With regards to Thai Airways, you can stay rest guaranteed that you will get the best. The carrier is well known all around for offering some benefit and reliability. From filling meals and dinners, blankets and pillows on each seat to window shade control at the touch of a button and a wood look floor in the galley, your journey will absolutely be enjoyable.

What Sets Thai Airways Apart

The food is served on-board is flavorful, complete with stainless steel cutlery. Every meal is preceded with a hot towel service, something that exclusive the best level airlines still offer. Two hours before landing, ‘refreshment’ will be served, however it is comparable to a full meal.

Thai Airways travels to 11 domestic destinations inside Thailand including Bangkok. It is the biggest transporter in the region. At the point when clubbed with its airline partners in the Star Alliance, Thai Airways has the entire world covered.

Popular Routes

The aircraft works non-stop flights to more than 78 destinations in 35 countries. Its route network moves from the core of Asia over the globe to involve 13 main European cities, more than 40 destinations all through Thailand, Asia and the Middle East, Los Angeles in USA, Australia, New Zealand and Johannesburg in South Africa.

Thai Airways International Flights from Phuket to Bangkok

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In-flight experience

The Thai Airways crew was super friendly, taking time to chat with people and letting you take photos with them in the galley. Their uniforms are so beautiful, in a traditional Thai style with delicate gold’s and pinks and purples, you will think they look like Thai princesses and they are very approachable which is fabulous when traveling with children, as it’s great to know that not only is the crew happy to help, but your children will love to engage with them. The crew is professional, helpful and lovely with children, always full of smiles and happy to help.

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