like many across the world, I was one of hundreds, if not thousands of people who lined up for Kanye West latest release of “The Life of Pablo” merchandise across 21 countries. and if you are even vaguely familiar with Kanye West as a subject, you would know controversy is never too far away from the self proclaimed “genius” as well as a potential candidate for the next American presidential race.

as a participant and owner of the merchandise, i’d be the first to admit much of its appeal, was all hype and its purported “exclusivity”, with the merchandise themselves nothing to shout about. as the weekend went along, i observed across social media noting some people proudly proclaiming their loot, while the so called streetwear/fashion “purist” lambasting the cheap quality and lackadaisical design.

it is the latter that i find disturbing. why is there a constant need for people to put themselves above others by mocking their choices and actions. so what if they invest their time and money, and so what if you don’t? just because they do doesn’t make them fashionistas but just because you didn’t doesn’t exactly make you Anna Wintour too (which i suspect these so called street wear activist might not even know who she is).

i’d queued 3.5 hours for it, spending money for myself, my partner and helping a friend out. and in that time i manage to catch up with a few old friends, caught up on my comic books and generally had quite a pleasant time. and this is with only a couple of hours sleep the night before. while i did get what i wanted at the end of the day, the actual joy was the experience of being in that moment, and the merchandise serves as nothing but a memento of that. i’d probably end up wearing it another handful of times before it becomes yet another piece of garment that i use for sleep or working out.

and that’s my point. so what?

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