Hi Talia,
cameron burgess

While I agree with you that this young lady has talent, I believe that is as far as her charm goes. No amount of talent can make up for a poor attitude and unwillingness to accept that life is tough and you either sink or swim. I had dreams of becoming an author and English teacher but was derailed in college when I had an amazing experience working with young children. Suddenly, the thought of working with kids at the beginning of their lives, when they are fresh and energetic and untainted by the negativity of the real world, became more desirable. I knew that my chosen profession would not afford me a glamorous life. I worked three jobs at one point and I never expected anyone to make it easier for me. I worked my proverbial ass off while my writing took a backseat to real life. I never blamed my company for my lousy pay (the reality of being a preschool teacher is that the pay sucks but the job is worth it) nor did I accuse them of my poor life choices. I continue to struggle paycheck to paycheck but I changed my lifestyle so I save money wherever I can. My job, my choice, my responsibility.

This young lady has brought to light some great points about larger companies and the way they treat their employees, however, that the way it is in the real world. Big guys make big bucks by using peons. It’s how they get rich. If she wanted something different then she should have looked for something different. I can’t respect someone who complains but makes no effort to enact changes in her own life. An email to a CEO about ideas isn’t enough. She wasn’t proactive, she was lazy and she acted like she was entitled. Offer her a job if you like, but don’t be surprised when her “better than thou” attitude keeps her from accepting it. I hope you find a writer who has the true passion for the written word. One who has a gift for rhetoric and will appreciate the opportunity to let their words be seen by an eager audience. That sounds like a dream. Please, don’t waste that on a brat.

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