Dear FLP Community,

Happy New Year to all and we look forward to 2020 as we expand our Gameflip brand by officially launching Gameflip Advance. We’ve been planning for months to expand our vision and have decided to take a deeper dive into the realm of eSports. Let’s dig into the details.

Setting the ground for Gameflip Advance

eSports and competitive gaming have been in Gameflip’s DNA since the early days when we were one of the first few marketplaces to fully support exchanges of digital in-game assets for successful eSports franchises like Dota, Rocket League and Counter-Strike. …

Dear FLP Community,

As the last quarter of 2019 kicks-off, we bring you another fresh update on the latest news and what’s coming up for the FLP and the Gameflip platforms. So let’s just dive in!

New games, new possibilities

Earlier this year we’ve launched Icarus Online, an MMORPG for PC that made us get back to our roots of publishing online video games for hardcore audiences. Now in October, we finally inaugurate the aftermarket for Icarus Online, enabling over one hundred thousand users to freely transact their digital assets for the game. …

Dear FLP Community,

Welcome to our FLP Progress Report — Q2 2019. In the last three months, we’ve been heavily concentrated into shipping Icarus Online, the first game of our publishing platform called Gameflip Studios, and in parallel continue to research and test our ideas for the upcoming revamp of Gameflip Gigs. We expect for both of these key initiatives to drive demand for FLP in the future once they are fully launched and scaled. Let’s jump into the details.


With over 100,000 unique accounts registered, our closed beta phase lasted for 16 days. After tens of thousands of collective…

Dear FLP Community,

Over the last quarter, our core team has been hard at work building and deploying our game publishing platform. Icarus Online, our first title for self-publishing is now in the launch phase and is one of the most anticipated MMORPGs for Latin America in 2019.

Our plan is to launch the Portuguese version of Riders of Icarus in Q2 and the Spanish version in Q3. Once fully scaled and stable, we’ll enable transactions of select in-game items utilizing FLP, allowing us to build a strong use case of the aftermarket revenue for game publishers.


Icarus Online pre-registrations available at the official homepage

With only a…

Dear FLP Community,

First, happy new year to everyone and thank you for your continued support!

Looking back at 2018, we were able to deliver substantial milestones for our project including the creation of FLP, the development of the FLP wallet, the development of the FLP conversion utility and the acceptance of FLP for transactions within the Gameflip marketplace.

Moving forward into 2019, we will focus on the key milestones of developing our publishing platform, extending the platform (SDK) to allow game publishers to directly integrate into the Gameflip marketplace and creating a meaningful case study for SDK integration (substantial…

Dear FLP Community,

November 2018 was a month packed with good news for Gameflip. We had the launch of Gameflip Gigs beta, we’ve seen good progress with acquiring our first game publishing license and the backend support for ERC-721 was developed. On top of all that, the amount of FLP transacted within Gameflip grew 135% in November, when compared to October 2018.

the amount of FLP transacted within Gameflip grew 135% in November

Gameflip Gigs

After 3 weeks and thousands of pre-registrations, we have launched the beta of Gameflip Gigs, marking Gameflip’s entrance into the peer-to-peer gaming services market. …

Dear FLP community,

November 2018 started hot with the announcement of Gameflip Gigs, putting Gameflip on the gig economy map for gamers worldwide. With Gameflip Gigs we aim to create a new market for the gaming community, where gamers can exchange services in various forms, like coaching for a specific game, teaching strategies and lending a hand to reach higher ranks and achievements. But that’s not the only exciting news we have for this month. Here’s our full report:

Gameflip Gigs

The premise of Gameflip Gigs is to enable gamers worldwide to connect and exchange gaming-related services. With Gameflip Gigs, gamers can…

Dear FLP community,

During the month of September, we delivered another new major feature that is aimed at reducing friction for global gamers to adopt and utilize FLP for their digital goods transactions. More specifically, we deployed the Funds Conversion feature across the Gameflip platform, enabling our millions of gamers to instantly convert their funds to FLP directly within our marketplace. Such easy access to our FLP utility token helped to deliver a 31% growth in sales of FLP-based digital goods and as an added positive side effect, the sellers also received near instant cashout when they accepted FLP.


Dear FLP community,

Throughout the month of August 2018, the volume of FLP transactions within and outside Gameflip have grown tremendously! We’ve reached the milestone of over $1,000,000 USD in digital goods listed for FLP on Gameflip and a steady daily volume above $500,000 USD in the market. In September 2018, we will continue focused on facilitating FLP-based transactions and increasing its adoption through the development and deployment of new features to our platform, and key partnerships.


Gameflip users will soon be able to convert their USD funds to FLP directly through their FLP Wallets on The feature allow…

We’re excited to announce that L&K Co., Ltd, one of the pioneers of the Korean games industry, is the first publishing partner in the FLP Early Access Program to open support for in-game items buy & sell on Gameflip. L&K has over 20 years of experience developing and publishing some of Asia’s best known mobile and PC games including Red Stone Online (RSO), which has become an icon in Asian and in particular, Japanese gaming culture.

In-game items from RSO can already be transacted on Gameflip for FLP. L&K will also help jumpstart the usage of our utility token by…


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