FLP Monthly Progress Report — June 2018

Jun 1, 2018 · 5 min read

Dear FLP Community,

After months of coding, testing, writing and polishing our product, we, at Gameflip, are proud to announce that the FLP integration with Gameflip’s backend is ready for its launch! It’s been months of learning and hard work for all of us and here we are, in June 2018, ready to rock and roll!

We, at Gameflip, are proud to announce that the FLP integration with Gameflip’s backend is ready for its launch!

Our backend has all necessary features to support deposits, payments and withdrawals of FLP onto the Gameflip users’ wallets. Even though we are still working on finalizing the mobile clients integration, selected users already have access to their FLP Wallets via Gameflip.com. These users are helping us fine tune the clients, so we can ensure a successful launch, which is expected to take place in the first half of June, 2018.

These users are helping us fine tune the clients, so we can ensure a successful launch, which is expected to take place in the first half of June, 2018.

Here’s how Gameflip users will be able to benefit from using FLP on the platform.


Gameflip users will be able to deposit FLP with ease. Our simple UI allows for a quick copy of the address that FLP should be sent and every transaction status can be monitored on the same screen.

Deposit screen under the FLP Wallet on Gameflip.com


After deposited to Gameflip’s FLP Wallet, FLP can be used toward purchases on Gameflip. Users can also transact with FLP by selling digital items on Gameflip for FLP and reinvesting the proceeds. In either case, the transactions are not logged onto the blockchain as the FLP is transferred from Gameflip Wallet to Gameflip Wallet.

Items are getting sold for FLP at Gameflip.com


At any given time, Gameflip users will be able to withdraw their available FLP balance from their Gameflip wallets to their ERC-20 compatible wallets.

Promoting Liquidity

In the next few months, we intend to distribute hundreds of thousands of FLP to the Gameflip and third-party communities. We have an extensive strategy for promoting liquidity of FLP tokens within and outside of the Gameflip realms, which includes but it’s not limited to the following:

Promotional Giveaways

Since the start of Gameflip, promotional giveaways via Gleam.io and code distribution have been well accepted by the community. In May, the first 10,000 FLP reward was rewarded via a giveaway that engaged tens of thousands of participants. Moving forward, we will continue to offer these free options for all users to participate and earn FLP.

10,000 FLP rewarded to D Kalwinski, the top prize winner


A traditional, but still effective way to reward our users. We intend to ally rebates with educational campaigns to the community, regardless if they’re using FLP or fiat as their main method of payment.

Seller Incentive Programs

Inventory has always been a top priority to promote liquidity, so sellers play a big role once again. Incentives will be given to sellers accepting FLP as payment for their digital items.

Educational Campaigns

We understand not everyone is used to crypto-tokens. Gameflip’s FLP Wallet is already much simpler to use than traditional ERC-20 wallets, but we will continue to educate the community about the benefits of FLP and how to get the best out of it via landing pages, targeted messages, among others.

More details about our FLP distribution initiatives are yet to come.


Over the past few weeks, we’ve been working closely with several of the publishers we have partnered with to prepare for the launch of their in-game items in the Gameflip marketplace and the distribution of FLP tokens to their user bases.

One of the first publisher partners we’ve already announced and will be launching with is L&K Co., Ltd, one of the pioneers of the Korean games industry. L&K has over 20 years of experience developing and publishing some of Asia’s best known mobile and PC games including Red Stone Online, which has become an icon in Asian and in particular, Japanese gaming culture. In the coming weeks, we’ll start leveraging L&K’s huge reach across Asia to begin seeding the games ecosystem with the FLP token as well as announce the launch of items for other partner publishers.

For the past few months, we’ve been in discussion with Huawei, the operator of AppGallery, one of the largest app stores with over 100M monthly active users in more than 95 countries across Asia, Europe, Middle East, and Latin America. Last Friday (May 25th), we rolled out the Gameflip app on AppGallery with Huawei heavily featuring the app to their users. We’ll be working with Huawei on various engagement opportunities for their user base across different markets including Gameflip code giveaways and contests to distribute credits that can be redeemed in the Gameflip marketplace.

Huawei has a dominant position in many of the top core gaming markets around the world and through Huawei’s reach, Gameflip gets exposure to gamers in these markets.

In addition to prioritizing the localization of the marketplace into 10 languages (German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese), which will be important for our international expansion, we’re also prioritizing the distribution of FLP tokens to gamers around the world since we’ll start accepting FLP token as a payment method in the marketplace very soon.

Over the next few months, we’ll actively work on several initiatives with our partner tournament platforms, gamer communities, publishers, and gaming products and services providers to drive awareness and usage of FLP token on the Gameflip marketplace among their users.

For more info about FLP and our roadmap, please visit https://fliptoken.gameflip.com/

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