How to Beat the Sunday Night Blues

You know that feeling all too well — it’s a Sunday afternoon and you suddenly feel a wave of anxiety because the weekend is almost over. Welcome to the Sunday Night Blues.

Beat the Sunday Night Blues | Sweet Clean Living

According to Monster’s 2015 poll, a whopping 76% of Americans reported feeling Sunday night blues. Not only does that mean it’s a feeling which is shared by most of us (¾ of Americans), but it also means that three-quarters of us aren’t making the most of our weekend due to anxiety.

Well I’ve been there, and I know how paralyzing it can be. Let me share with you the easiest, quickest ways to help you get over it — stat!

Beat The Sunday Night Blues with Sweet Clean Living

First things first — the Sunday night blues is an anxiety-related feeling. Sometimes it’s referred to as ‘Sunday night blues depression’ but, unless there are other underlying reasons for the way you’re feeling, or unless you feel this way at other times during the week, the Sunday night blues are NOT depression.

Without further ado (and because time is ticking!) here are some quick and easy ways to beat those Sunday night blues:

  • Think ‘Glass Half Full’

The Sunday night blues typically kick in around the afternoon on a Sunday, and you spend the rest of the afternoon/evening feeling uneasy.

But, do you see what you’re doing there? You’re wasting the rest of what could be a great, productive, Sunday afternoon.

As I’ve mentioned before, this is all related directly to the way you look at the situation. You need to look at the situation differently — just as the ‘glass is half full’, by dreading Monday morning, you’re spending the rest of your precious weekend — instead of enjoying it.

Look at how much time you have left of your weekend, and make the most of it.

Beat Sunday Night Blues | Sweet Clean Living
  • Do Something You Want To

The Sunday night blues is different for us all. Yet, more often than not, there’s always a little bit of guilt creeping in there, just for good measure. It might be you didn’t spend enough time with your kids, or friends or family; it could be that you didn’t get around to doing half of the things you wanted, but whatever it is, it’s not a pleasant feeling.

The best way to beat it? Focus on the positive, however small it may be, and make sure that at least once per day at the weekend, you did something that you enjoyed.

Plus, if you find you don’t have time for everything you’d like at the weekend, I’ve got a little something here for you.

  • Make the Most of the Evening

When Sunday evening rolls around, it’s so easy to automatically think forward to Monday morning.

But, as mentioned above, this is really counterproductive, and makes your weekend feel shorter!

So here’s what I did — and if it works for you, you totally should too — I started going out for a few hours on a Sunday evening — with a strict curfew for myself.

I would see friends in a bar for a couple of hours for an early drink, go catch a movie or go out for dinner — as long as I was home by 8.30pm.

The way I calculated it, by 8.30pm I would need to be home to start my bedtime routine. But, up until that time, I had a free reign to go out and enjoy myself. So I did, and it made the world of difference.

  • Organize Your Weekend Before the Weekend

Ok, so this is more for future weekends, BUT — spending as little as ten minutes on a Friday morning or evening actually planning a weekend leads to a more productive weekend.

So, if there’s a movie you really want to catch, or a friend you really want to see, plan it in — make the arrangement, settle on a time — et voila!

Similarly, if you know that you need to get groceries or do some chores at the weekend, plan to get them done as soon as possible. Allot a time for them, and a time limit, and get them out of the way.

Beat Sunday Blues | Sweet Clean Living
  • Organize Your Monday Morning Work on Friday Afternoon

Part of the reason we feel so down on Sunday night is due to the anticipation of what’s waiting for us on Monday morning.

A really quick and easy productivity hack I learned in the past, and which honestly improved my Sunday night blues by about 50% (really) was making sure that I left the office on a Friday with a list of tasks to deal with on Monday morning.

That way, I wasn’t struggling to remember what I was working on before the weekend, or rummaging around for the information I needed — it was all there, in priority order, ready and waiting for me to get to it. I also combined this with a few other great time management hacks, and soon, I found myself feeling less anxious on a Sunday night.

  • Sort Out Your Sleep

A bad night’s sleep on a Sunday really can make or break your week. Most of us struggle on a Sunday night as our sleep routines are all out of whack from oversleeping at the weekend.

In my plan for a better night’s sleep, I’ve given you a clear overview of how to go from insomniac to a regular 8 hours. Although you may only find it difficult to sleep on a Sunday night, the tips I’ve covered there can sort that out for you. The key takeaways are not oversleeping during the weekend, and arranging yourself a bedtime routine.

And there you have it. The Sunday night blues are a horrible but really common feeling, which can easily be eradicated. Try out the above tips and share them with your friends too — remember, three-quarters of us are going through this every weekend, for no good reason.

Good luck, and have a great Sunday night — this week and forever!



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