Buy Ripple in India With Flitx

Apr 6, 2018 · 3 min read

What is Ripple?

Ripple, the 3rd most cryptocurrency holding the investments, is basically a a digital coin and name provided for an open payment network which is used for transfer of remittance. Ripple is still in its testing form that is in the beta version and is one of the prime constituents of open source payments system. The main aim of Ripple digital currency is to change the orthodox payment methods which people are using like credit cards, banks, PayPal etc. This will not only change the method of payments used by people but also help them in overcoming the processing delays and charges associated with currency exchanges. The need of bringing ripple into the light is basically for keeping the money flow freely.

The goal of Ripple is building on the decentralized digital currency a transition set by bitcoin and they aim at providing users the same transparency and floating of money as the internet did it in terms of information for people. The chief cryptographer David Schwartz stated in his interview that the old payment systems are today in the position as email was in the early ’80s. Ripple is furthermost the most efficient and has a vast dimension of connecting different systems together. There are different platforms across different countries through which people could buy Ripple digital currency and in India the best and secured platform to buy ripple is from Flitx.

Ripple Buy Process

Ripple is third on the list for having the highest market cap and stands just behind Bitcoin and Ethereum. The large investors though have the direct access in investing in Ripple directly while the other investors are limited in investing through the help of XRP. The benefit of having XRP in the buying and selling of Ripple is that it helps in uninterrupted and flawless transactions from any given currency to any other currencies with negligible fees. People should understand that making a bet on Ripple is similar like betting on XRP. Based on the country in which people resides there are different platform for buying the ripple digital currency. Flitx is making sure that people residing in India don’t have problem in investing in Ripple by getting a ripple wallet. It is really easy to buy Ripple with Flitx. All you need is an email ID to register, a KYC verification, a deposited fund and that it. You are all set to trade Ripple on Flitx.

Ripple Market Cap

In total there are 100 billions XRP tokens in existence and out of that Ripple founders hold 61 billions. The company is currently holding majority of the coins. Ripple is planning their marketing strategies in such a way that it is in the long term game and they are not going to sell off their holdings now.

Future of Ripple

The advantages associated with XRP over other cryptocurrencies are immense and has a diverse future aspect. Ripple is probably looking to control global finance in the coming future and they are particularly working forward with smart business decisions. The investments in ripple could result in 10x or even 100x gains in the coming future and over a long term. Benefit the opportunity by investing in Ripple with the help of Flitx.


Ripple will have a possible impact to larger banks in the coming two to three years as it is backed up by real time payments and offer a global settlement network. Ripple has certainly reduced the transaction fees in making real time payments, internationally. However, as always there is slight risk involved but there are more chances for great reward. Make sure you invest it responsibly.

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