Are fitness influencers on Instagram inspiring? Or is it all about promo, sales and ego?

I’m curious… As a fitness professional myself, my sole goal in life is to inspire and motivate those around me, for people who are closest to me to live life to the fullest. Emotionally, physically and mentally.

With the power of social media people can literally live the other side of the planet and with today’s technology I have the capabilities of impacting their lives. It’s incredible.

There is no question about it, Instagram has grown into a beast that shows zero signs of slowing down. Fitness influencers are gaining momentum and there followers continue to build and build… But as fitness influencers grow, so are their followers mid-sections. The world’s obesity crisis is showing no signs of slowing down.

I’m not denying that some fitness professionals on Instagram are doing an INCREDIBLE job at spreading the message of health and wellbeing. They are motivating and definitely inspire their followers to achieve great things. But I see a large percentage of these “influencers” showing off their ripped muscles, peachy butts and perfect tans all for likes, comments and followers.

Is Instagram really a platform for the fitness influencer to inspire? Or is it simply now all about promotions, sales and ego?

I’m forever seeing workouts posted up on social media, they gain a mountain of likes and comments. I wonder how many of the “likers” are then going off and doing the exercises? Is the trainer really achieving their goal of inspiring their followers to train? Are they truly motivated? Or is it an opportunity to build yet another follower so that a teeth whitening company will pay them an extra $10 to promote their product?

People follow people. And these influencers really have the opportunity to impact millions and millions of people. I’m sure the trainer would love to sell their $99 ebook to their 12 week transformation to all 1.2 million of their followers, “it’s just a little too expensive to warrant paying.” The trainer clearly wants to make money (everyone needs to put food on the table right?) So the trainer tries to give more and more of their workouts to guilt the follower into buying their program. but what if we could make training more affordable? What if the user actually paid a small fee to gain access to these workouts?

Research tells us if we put a monetary value to something we value it more. If followers were to pay their influencer just a small fee to gain access to that workout would they be more likely to do it? Would it then result in more people exercising rather than them just pressing their thumb against a screen to give another “like?”.

I really want to find out… and this is why Flive App was created.

Like I said, people follow people and I’m sure, like me, these influencers truely want to inspire and motivate people, for all their followers to live life to the fullest… Emotionally, physically and mentally.

Flive’s aim.. to change the world. One live workout at a time.

The app is downloadable for free on both Apple and Google Play stores.



Flive App
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