Use Flive as a Personal Trainer in 7 different ways.

So you thought Flive was just for filming your workout? Check out the 7 different ways in which you could use Flive:

  1. Solo Training
  • Set up a tripod and train on your own in the gym, at home or outdoors.

2. Training with a partner

  • Train with a friend. Either you can film each other or for added engagement, set up a tripod so both of you can be in the live-stream at the same time.

3. Personal Training Clients

  • If you’re a personal trainer, film a live session with your client, encourage your other clients to watch (they have up to 24 hours to complete the workout) or anyone else in the world.

4. Online Programs

  • If you sell online programs i.e. 12 week transformation package. Schedule a workout or even the whole workout package so that your clients can train “live” with the actual trainer for the session or full 12 weeks. “Join me for Week 1, Day 1 of my 12 week transformation package”

5. Technique Sessions

  • You’re workout doesn’t actually have to be a workout. Perhaps you could demonstrate a particular exercise or series of exercises?

6. Seminars

  • If you have great content and knowledge, educate your viewers through the app.

7. Workshops

  • Perhaps you deliver workshops? Live-stream the workshop across the globe to get a wider audience and educate more people.

When you “create new workout” simply enter the workout title and write specifically what the session is going to be.

Comment below if you think there are other ways. The opportunities are endless #highflive

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