A multiplayer scoring system for X-Wing.

X-Score is a simple scoring system for X-Wing that promotes an action-packed, fair game for multiple players. It is especially good for 3-player games.

I think this scoring system is a ton of fun. I’d love to hear comments / feedback.


Points are scored for each hit (shield or hull destroyed) and also for each pilot shot down. The number of points scored depends on the ship that is hit / downed. Stronger ships are worth more points. The winner is the first to score 100 points.

Each hit is worth points spent (PS) on pilot and upgrades divided by the hull+shield (HP) values for the ship that was hit, rounded up.

Each downed pilot is worth points spent (PS) divided by 2, rounded up.

Winner: First player to get 100 points assuming each player is building a 100 point squadron. (This can be adjusted so that if each player builds a 75 point squadron, then it is just 75 points to win.)

In general, each player’s squadron will be “worth” about the same number of points as the other players’ squadrons (they might be slightly different because of rounding). In a 100 point build, each squadron will add up to about 150 points (100 for hits, and 50 for shooting down).


HP: Shield + Hull
PS: Points spent on pilot and upgrades
Hit: Any shield or hull that is destroyed.

Each hit: PS / HP, rounded up.
Each downed pilot: PS / 2, rounded up.

Simple Example

Delta Squadron Pilot (TIE Defender) with TIE/x7 upgrade

  • 28 PS (points spent)
  • 6 HP (3 shield + 3 hull)
  • 5 points scored per hit (28PS/6HP = 4 ⅔ rounded off = 5)
  • 14 points scored to shoot down this pilot (28PS/2 = 14)

The points to hit/down can be abbreviated like this: 5/14. That is 5 points to hit, and 14 to down.

Keeping track

Each player can write down her pilot list on a piece of paper. Next to each pilot can be noted the points to hit/down. Underneath, the player can write down each time she scores points.

Example: Delta Squadron Pilot (TIE Defender): 5/14.

Common Questions

What about hitting an asteroid? Damaging your ship by hitting an asteroid scores no points.

What about critical hits that do more than one point of damage? Critical hits count for only one “hit”. Any other additional damage is considered secondary (similar to hitting an asteroid) and is not counted for points.

What about shield regeneration? Destroying a regenerated shield counts as a hit and scores points as usual. Therefore, a ship that regenerates shields might be worth additional points. This makes shield regeneration slightly less good in this format.

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